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A Image of my Friend

My friend and i met and we each took 4 grams of shrooms at 8:11 PM .

My friend and i met and we each took 4 grams of shrooms at 8:11 PM . He has done them many more times than myself. We both went and got some Orange Juice and waited for what we thought we knew was comming. By 8:40 his pupils were totally dialated and he was "trippin". As for myself, i was getting angry because i was not getting a thing. We Met up with a few other people at 9 and i took another 2 grams. After 20 mins i was starting to see trailers and the lights were intensified. At this time we were in our town libraries parking lot next to a woods. I looked into the Sky and saw different colors of purples and pinks. The clouds appeared as they were twirling and intertwining with each other. i looked at my friend and it seemed like his cheeks were getting fatter and the skin on his face was drooping down and almost falling off his face. I then picked up a rock and threw it in the air. I could see each individual rotation of the rock. This amused all of my friend and me. It seemed like the rock was going up into the sky then falling all the way down in seconds. We all wanted a change of atmosphere so me and the original kid i was with left and drove around a neighborhood. He cuts lawns and we pulled up to some of them. We could tell which pieces of grass were missed. It was like our eyes were magnified 10X. We came to a conclusion that it had to be because of the size of your pupils. 12 o'clock rolled around and my friend had to go home cause had to work in the morning. I met up with some of my other friends that did them. we continued to drive around and i kept seeing the face of the friend i left. It was really wierd. Every time i closed my eyes, or turned my head quicky i saw his face. This happened all throughout the night. I was amused by his face earier in the night. He had a black winter hat on and he has dark brown eyes, so it looked like he had no color in his eyes when he was on them. Thats the only reason i could come up with for that. A girl in the car had a camera and took our picture. The flash made us see many bright colors in the night. Almost like we had night vision for a few second. We went and purchased a camera and kept takin up close pictures of ourselfs to see these beautiful colors. It was now past 2 and i was still going hard. I then split up withu my friends and went home. While laying in bed i could not go to sleep. I closed my eyes and saw shapes moving and melting into different figures. I also kept hearing my friends voices. I would think of a friend and say a sentence in my head and i would hear the sentence in their voice. I played with that effect for a while then tried to go to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 3:30. My Journey was over. I learned that i need to not be so anxious and just let them take their course. I am kinda glad i ended up taking that extra bit. It was quite the trip for my 2nd time.

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