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A Great Shroom Time

Sometime around June, a friend of mine started trying to talk me into "shrooming" with him.

Sometime around June, a friend of mine started trying to talk me into "shrooming" with him. I wasn't sure about it because I had never known anyone who had used mushrooms before. So, I decided to look on the Internet, and luckily I found your website at work the next day. So, thanks to your website my friend and I ate a few shrooms the next weekend.
We ate only 2 caps each and I would say after reading your descriptions, it was barely a Level 1 trip. The next time we tried it using 3 caps each, only this time we blended them with orange juice. This was definitely a little better than the first, but still only Level 1.
We were getting our shrooms from a friend who was picking them and they were free, so we didn’t really complain. I started to think magic mushrooms weren’t very exciting, so we forgot about them for a while.
Then this past weekend a friend of mine came over with a half ounce of dried mushrooms. The two of us each took a handful and blended them with some orange juice, and we sat down to drink our juice. We finished our drinks after about 20 minutes and left for the store to get some cigarettes, and figured it wouldn’t hit us until we got back. We were wrong.
It hit us big time while we were in the parking lot of a gas station. I couldn’t believe it. Neither of us had ever done anything other than smoke a little pot, so these hallucinations were really new! I was positive we were in a space ship. Thank god she was driving. The reflectors on the sides and in the middle of the road made it appear as if we were in a scene from Star Wars doing light speed.
Thank god we got back to my apartment in one piece. When we did arrive, we sat in the room with a black light and the television on. The colors were unbelievable. I was with a girl and she transformed from an 8 to a definite 10. I was positive she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. While we were watching TV, the actual people on the TV seemed to be transforming into other people right in front of our eyes. Time was at a standstill.
We both were sweating heavily while our noses were running and eyes continued to produce tears even though we were not crying. I guess this was our bodies trying to push the toxins out ASAP.
My girlfriend called to check on us, and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. We were telling her the things were seeing. We had to tell her we had to take several of her paintings off the walls because they were coming out of the wall.
It is very hard to describe much of the feelings, but it is clear mushrooms are not a good idea for a guy and girl to share together, unless they are in a sexual relationship.
The best way I can describe what I would say was a Level 4 trip is that your mind is going a million miles per hour. It took us forever to get anything accomplished. We kept saying we needed to light some incense, but it took us an hour to get off the sofa and do it. There were excellent hallucinations and everything looked amazing. Every time I looked at the ground outside, it appeared to be moving. But by far, I enjoyed the morphing people on TV. It was really weird seeing actors become actresses. We watched the Howard Stern show and one of the Penthouse Pets appeared to transform into a Doberman pinscher, which was very cool. Overall, it was great. We are doing them again this weekend, and I will always take a handful after experiencing such a great trip.
One piece of advice- NEVER FOR ANY REASON JUST EAT A MUSHROOM PLAIN. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of- unless you like the taste. To me, they are terrible. An argument people have about not eating them plain is it loses potency, but that is only true if you heat them. When you blend them in Orange Juice, you break down the entire mushroom making it easier for absorption into the blood. When you chew them, if you are anything like me, you chew into chunks and swallow. There is no way you grind it small enough to absorb directly by chewing. Orange Juice has worked great for me and my friends. It is a nasty color, but if you put it in a plastic cup, you can’t see the color and it tastes identical to orange juice, only it makes you hallucinate!!!

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