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A funny thing.....

A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Bathroom.

A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Bathroom....

Because I am forced to trip alone. I have decided to recollect my trips in this forum. It at least gives me the feeling of 'community' which I would sometime like to experience while shrooming.

My access to entheogenic substances is non-existent. Thank God for the internet and the Shroomery for rectifying that!!
I spent about a month reading everything I could possibly get my hands on and decided to give the MMGG method a try. You all know the drill...there was the excitement of ordering the spores, the nervousness of inoculating the jars, the terrible terrible impatience of waiting to see if I screwed up or not! But finally, a month after receiving the spores, I had(what I now know to be )a small harvest. The day came to try the first fruits of my labor and this is what happened.

I threw about (8) 4" fresh shrooms into the blender with som orange juice. I knew this was alot, I just didn't know how much it really was! I sat down in my recliner and drank the frothy concoction while watching ESPN. I THOUGHT I would have about a half hour to prepare myself after drinking the stuff. Was I ever wrong. Before I had finished the glass, I looked down to se my jeans wavering and weaving shades of blue and purple together. The TV was suddenly incredibly annoying and I turned it off. I stood up as everything in the room was moving. The carpet was bubbling. The walls were 'sliding.' It was all so cool, I laughed with glee, with pure joy! It worked! Then I realized I had to go the bathroom. I went...and all hell broke loose. On my way there, reality disappeared. It is hard to recollect what happened for the next while....I know time had stopped...the mirror was a vortex in which my own soul appeared, I saw everything as it truly was. I forgot what my mission was. I knew I was supposed to do something, but I could never remember what it was.

Walking became extrodinarily difficult so I retired to my bed. The trees outside the window were alive! That is one of the strongest impressions I had....the trees were ancient, venerable, truly awesome to behold. The bark opened up and revealed wondrous colors and living things. Soon, thoughts came crashing down, wait....I couldn't think....wasn't thinking. Who am I? I? What? (It's impossible to write this part down...It was disconcerting, frightening and yet...incredible). The ceiling raced with colored patterns...grid-like...slightly reminding one of the old Tron movie. Looking back, about an hour passed and I can;t remember half of what happened.

When I could walk again, I was freezing cold (I always get freezing cold when I trip).....A hot shower remedied this..and was the basis for some of the most incredible sights yet...the water was just amazing. Crystaline, pure. It sang! My feet transformed from feet to paws and back again. Sometime here I threw up. It wasn't really unpleasant. In fact, aftwerwards I felt GREAT!

Warm fresh clothes felt wonderful. Thought had returned to my mind, but the visuals were still intense. Was this ever going to end? Was I going to be insane the rest of my life? It didn't matter....the grain of the wood in my dining room table flowed under my fingertips. The walls danced and the view outside was simply unreal.

That last part of the trip was spent lying on the couch under a warm blanket listening to Vangelis and Mars Lasar. This was peaceful and oh so relaxing. I had NEVER imagined that it would or could be like this. I was so far gone, so quickly I never even had time to be scared. (I have since been scared to my very core..on far less shroomage).

I was upset that I didnt have time to 'prepare' adequately. I never made it to the CD player until the end of the trip, I never made it outside, I never saw my cool screen saver. Once the trip came on....mundane tasks were impossible to accomplish. Interestingly enough, I have never been able to take as many fresh shrooms again without becoming violently sick to my stomach.

It was a mindblowing experience from which I've never fully recovered. It was so 'pure' compared to my later trips. There was no ...."Omigod I'm dead' feeling. There were few distractions other than the kaleidescope of color and imagery. I have been unable to trip with a partner or companion and think that the experience would be awesome someday. Till then I'll continue to explore this realm alone....and love it.

Be well.

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