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A Death Trip

My trip started out with three of my friends (two girls one boy) and I in my friend's basement.

My trip started out with three of my friends (two girls one boy) and I in my friend's basement. My friend and I had been in the process of growing our own mushrooms (PF Tek) and we had decided to take what we had harvested and dried and split it between us.

Now, you must know that it has been reported that PF Tek
is a weak speciment. With that in mind, I thought for sure we only had enough for a mild dose. So we weighed the dry shrooms and we had 8.9 grams. So we each took our 4.4 grams and ground them up.

I took my powder and just through it all in my mouth and washed it down with 2-3 glasses of water. My friend took his and mixed it with juice and threw it down. We then decided to sit for a while and smoke a couple of bongs.

Suprisingly, after only 10-15 minutes I was starting to feel the effects. For me, a trippy feeling starts to build up in my legs and then proceeds to "climb" up my body . After smoking 3 or 4 bongs I was a mess. I was seeing geometric patterns of color all over.

My friend was just sitting there with a blank look on his face. After sitting there for a while he got up and left the room. After five minutes I went to see what he was doing. To my suprise he was vomiting in the sink(about 30 minutes after ingestion).

Seeing this in my state made me a little queasy and 20 minutes later I started to throw up also. After doing this i thought my intense trip would slow down but after pulling my head out of the sink I noticed every object I looked at began to melt. It freaked me out a little but I was pretty cool with it.

Then for some strange reason I got it in to my head that we had just eaten poisonus mushrooms. For this point on, I would experience the most frightening and seemingly real experience in my life.

I walked into my friends room and the 3 of them were sitting there laughing and stuff. But their laughter just echoed in my head and it seemed the volume would rise every second. It kept getting louder and louder until I tought my head would explode. I thought Iwas dying, and spent the next hour crying and begging my friends to call a doctor or my mother.

The two who weren't tripping were trying to talk sense in to me but I wouldn't listen. Iwas convinced I was going to die at any moment. I went to the phone and called my house. Nobody answered (thank god) so I left a message of me just babbling on about how I would miss my family.

There is no way to describe the intensity of my body high. It was if I was floating from room to room trying to figure out where i wanted to die. I decided to sit in a chair and a couple of glasses of water and try and be calm. I was a site to see. Shaking, crying, trying to convince my other friend that he was going to die to.

That's when I started to relax and I all of a sudden just snapped out of it. it was the greatest relief I have ever experienced. For the rest of the night I sat on the couch and stared at everything happening around me.

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