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A Day In the Park

Me and my two friends had been wanting to try shrooms for a loooong time.

Me and my two friends had been wanting to try shrooms for a
loooong time. We had about 7 grams and decided that having
a small picnic in Children’s Playground would be perfect.
We got to the park at about two o'clock and ate the shrooms
by rolling them in Somali, bread, and cheese. None of us
knew what to expect but when it happened it was something

It took about an hour before we actually felt anything
(besides a stomachache.) We had been sitting on the grass
and all of a sudden me and one of my friends got a huge
energy burst. We got up and dragged our other friend with us
while we walked down to the sand and play structures. I felt
so light and walking seemed like floating.
We got on the swings and i began looking at those big wooden
pillar things. They had gotten green day purple little
shapes all over them. It was very weird..

We then went into this little box that little children climb
through. We were laughing our asses off because some guy had
taken our pictures and we swore that the faces o nhis shirt
were looking at us. We stayed in that box and in it was a
little graffiti man who we called :dripping man" , since he
liked to melt and form new shapes. Me friend started waving
her hand infront of the wall, causing little pink lines to
appear. I started laughing so hard I began crying.

After we left our little dripping man room, we went under
this small bridge. The sand felt so good inbetween my
fingers and we were all just enjoying our extreme senses
when some bitch little kid came in the tunnel. We tried
talking to him and being nice but he began throwing sand at
us and we left and went to lye down on this patch of grass.
We lied down on the grass for about and hours but it felt a
lot longer. I kept putting my head under my sweatshirt and
going on these crazy rollercoaster type things. I felt like
I was melting into the grass which i later decided to call
"blending". There were times when i couldnt talk or even
move i just felt stuck in the grass. I couldnt look at my
friends because it looked like they were shaking and it
freaked me out.

Finally, it was about 5 oclock , we decided to leave.
Problem was we had no way to get anywhere and no where to
go. So my friend called her dad and he later came to get us.
We were all still in our crazy trips and we tried to keep
it under control, especially since my friends dad was a
We did pretty good except that one of my friends decided to
eat a damn lemon and this just cracked us up, but it was

On the drive to my friends house, all the houses we passes
looked very peaceful and pretty, like they were made of
cardboard. The sky was pastel blue and everything was just
so nice and gorgeous.

We finally arrived at my friends house where we ran into her
room and lied down. We looked around her room and i noticed
these little neon stars on her ceiling. We all looked at
them and enjoyed how they were dancing for us and shrinking
and getting bigger and even disappearing at times. That was
such a fun trip and i can n

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