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a day at the park

Last thursday a couple of friends and I randomly decided to go to a nearby park, set up some lawnchairs, drink OJ, and shroom it.

Last thursday a couple of friends and I randomly decided to go to a nearby park, set up some lawnchairs, drink OJ, and shroom it. My friend had picked up an ounce of dried mushrooms the week before, an amazing price i might add(160$!!!) so all 4 of us were psyched all week to do em.

The four of us met at my house then drove up to the park around 1. We split an ounce between four people(way way too much for us.) We sat there talking and drinking orange juice waiting for the trip to start. I was hit within a half an hour damn hard, so hard i wanted the trip to end as soon as it started. I broke out into an insane sweat, my shirt was getting soaked and i knew i was a dumbass to take more than 2 1/8s when it was only my second time tripping. The others were laughing non stop about the dumbest things you could imagine, while i was sitting there feeling the most intense buzz i have ever felt. It wasn't a good feeling, it was a scary as hell my body is being taken over feeling. I had to settle down so i decided to take out my ipod and put on some sublime to distract me from being scared shitless. I couldn't operate the damn thing, whenever i would turn the little rotator thingy i would go too far and could never land it on a song so i decided to put it down cause i would be distracted by the simplest things, like the leaves moving in the wind. The guys tried to make me feel better cause they were having the greatest times of their lives, so we went into the car and put on some music. It seemed like the song we were listening to lasted for an hour, time was going by so incredibly slow. My friend in the passenger seat closed his eyes and let things take over, next thing you know he slams his head on the dashboard(funniest shit i have ever seen).

After about an hour after they kicked in my trip got sweet. I felt so much better, i felt like i didn't give a shit about anything that happened. I could care less if we got caught and got fucked over for it, it was so great. Me and my friend then left the other guys to go sit on a nearby bench and we were having a conversation, and his voice would get so loud like he was yelling, and i would be like "Dude, shut up your so damn loud" and he would look at me like i was a complete idiot. At times when i was walking i felt like i was being pulled into the ground and that my body was extremely heavy, weird stuff. Other times i would feel like i was levatating.

We all then sat down and just started looking at shit because the visuals were getting intense, everything(like the ground and the sky) would get lighter and darker, and i began to hallucinate at the highest point, indescribable. Seriously words cannot describe the shit i saw that day.

Lastly, when we were comin down we decided to drive to another spot along the park, we left our oj cartons at the old spot as our trademark, it seemed like a good idea at the time. When my buddy started driving, the second he got on the road he was like "fuck this im pullin over" so we pulled over to where the bathrooms were. The next thing i know were sitting in a river(park benches were pushed in the stream) just talking and eating little ceasars pizza that i could not taste. we then waited there for the trip to wear off so we could drive home. Before we left we had to say goodbye to our old spot because we felt like it was part of our amazing journey we took that day. We spent 6+ hours sitting in a park like complete slobs, i can't imagine what people would think of us if they saw us.

Most mind blowing experience i have ever had. I felt like i was in another world. Thanks for reading my trip report.

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