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depressingly perfect

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alright me and my friends have always smoked pot but wed never really thought about doin anything else until we did shrooms me and 2 good friends of mine bought 2 8ths and we did them the next day around 4pm we didnt feel anything for about an hour and then all of a sudden we all just bust out laughing after getting out of a car with some people wed gone with for a ride so we decide to just sit in a playground and look at the sky it was a perfect day out and the clouds seemed as though they were in fast forward we all could make our arms feel numb on command it was definetly the best feeling any of us have ever had but after that everything just kinda seemed slow and warped not much to explain but ill definetly be doing them again soon ill write a better report next time though its like 4 in the mornin right now and im half asleep sry

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