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a chapter in the book

This was my second experience.

This was my second experience.It took place about a year ago.I had wanted to do shrooms again after my first time being so incredible.so me and my two friends bought a 4-5 grams between the three of us.me K and D also D's girlfriend X was there but was only staying untill 10 and wasnt partaking on the experience.

the four of us were on our way downtown we took 1 gram each oral.on the walk down I felt nothing.When we got to huskey I started to slightly feel them.My friend who worked there noticed my pupils already and it was only about 15 minutes later.when we got to mcdonalds my vision was already being tampered with.

cripes,I thaught to myself ,already!Everything looked like it was made out of clay and was giving off bright light.we started walking back to D's house after he checked his schedule at mcdonalds.the walk down one of the streets felt like it took 1 hour but probably took about 10 minutes.

D wouldnt stop paying attention to his girlfriend C,and I asked him,why are you wasting youre time with her,Look around you man.the three of us started laughing like lunatics.then I looked back and C she looked hurt.like my words just stabbed her ego.

Then I relised we always treat her with less respect. On the walk home I was treating her like the queen.I felt I owed her.then we decided to eat the left over shrooms between the three of us.on the walk home my sister was walking her bike down the hill.This frightend me but I managed to not be that high yet and make small talk and then say bye.

We arrived at dustins house and went straight to his basment because his mom was home,luckily his dad was on a buisness trip.C brought down a bin of frootloops.we started eating them and they were spilling all over the floors,I was hit with a wave of visuals the corners on the walls were kinking and moving out of proportion,It was intense but enjoyable.

dustin brought down a vaume and started sucking up frootloops with the it.He was then fasinated by it and started sucking up socks and bags.me and K were laughing and I started to cough on a froot loop.I was trying to get there attention because i thught I was choking then I stood up off the couch and cleard my throat

The trip turned on me.I went into dustins room to think.I could of just died.Then what,this would be gone this beutiful life.I started thinking deep and came up with a theroy.Life is a system you have to live by you grow up,raise a family,by a house,and when you do shrooms you leave the system

I felt like there was a feild around me that was the system and I was outside of it.Strange waves of paranoia crept up my spine.I called D and K in here,and told them about this.They didnt think to much of it.then D had to go attend to his girlfriend because she was calling him.then I said to K,see he has to follow the system.his girlfriend is calling him he has to see what she wants so they can oneday start a family.

K relised,christ,your right.I had sucked him into my head fuck.we decided to walk downtown and just forgot to tell dustin.We had a bag of sunflower seeds constanly eating them,I think we were trying to relieve stress with them somehow.

It was a nice fall night,the sun was setting,a really fantastic setting.On the way down K's forhead was moving around and I couldnt focus on it,it was somwhat like trying to focuse on somthing really close to youre face when you cant pinpoint it.I could see through his head and all the trees were swaying.

This is the peak of the trip.I relised our conversation was the only thing that matters in the world at tis point of time,because we were figuring out a chapter in the book of life.I relised evertime someone trips like this they figure out a chapter,and it was our turn.

we got downtown and decide we needed to get drunk to come back to the system of life.This might not make sense to the sober mind but we thaught it would bring us back because beer makes you follow the system.It boosts your ego,you want women,It seemed like the thing all people in the system do.Older men drink it at family barbeques,it brings people together.

Anyways we go to the liqour store to find a boot we see an older guy with an afro and a huntchback,I think he was on crack or somthing.It was a weird night lots of strange people about,or maybe you just relise how strnge some people are when you under the influence of this strange drug,that would explain jim morrison coming to the conclusion that "people are strange".

anyways we find this lady who looks like shes in her twentys and ask her if she can boot she said yeah and we gave her the money she coudnt get us anything thogh because she didnt have her i.d.The liqoure store was closing in 5 minutes anywasy so we decided to forget it.This women tells us shes on E and asks us what were doing,I dont think she actually wanted to know what are whole night was about but we took the time to tell her she looked kinda confused.

then this covertible withabout three guys cruise by and are yelling at this women,cheering.I then relised she was a prostitute and this guy she says is her boyfriend is actually her pimp.We say goodbye to her basically telling her to have a nice life and walk around town for a bit thinking how messed up it that people sell there bodys,probably to get money for a drug that is wrecking there lives.The lights were beutiful they lit the sky streets up and looked really neon.

Me and K decide to walk towards huskey.Then from out of nowere D comes into the scene on a BMX and with big wide eyes says"I've been looking for you guys everywere"we all start laughing remebering we just left him at the house with C,who was just about to leave.

The trip started to were down slowly and I could actually feel myself getting accepted back into the system .I was ecstatic,so happy to be alive we all walked back to dustins and went to dustins and talked ourselves to sleep.

Now that I reflect back on this night I relise that everything worked out perfect to show us how beutiful life is.since that day I respect life alot more then I used to I enjoy every second.I have never felt that feeling of leaving the system again even though I have done shrrom 4 times since then.I've lost reality but it wasnt the same.Im now 18 and its one years later Im thinking about doing shrooms again soon but am oging to make sure Im not stressed out and im in a really comfortable setting with people I know and trust.even though I was on this particular trip I think it went a bit nuts because we ate another dose of shrooms after we already felt the first dose

This is just another chapter in the book of life.

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