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A Breath-taking first time.

Well me and a couple of friends decided to purchase some mushrooms from our reputed cannabis dealer.

Well me and a couple of friends decided to purchase some mushrooms from our reputed cannabis dealer. We planned it pretty well and everything was going awesome. We injested the little fuckers with about 3 glasses of orange juice and then we waited. We were at a house and we were just chilling listening to relaxing music and we had set up recording equipment to test our creativity. One of the people tripping with us was a last minute addition, and he just wanted to get fucked up that night. Although we had read a lot about the mushrooms we decided to bring him along since he had done them before and had dropped acid at a concert before. I took around 2.5g of what looked to be P. Cubensis. I am around 167lbs and I am 19 years old. The mushrooms began to kick in with a wave of "warm" sensations and laughter all around, we started jamming on the instruments for about 30 minutes until other people showed up at the house. There were around 4 people randomly that showed up to either watch or hang out. This made the owner of the house a bit uncomfortable but he couldn't find the words to kick them out, we started to get very intense visuals and I could feel people giving me "vibes" of some sorts, talking to someone would either make me feel good or bad. The walls started to breathe and circular stringed patterns began to appear on the ceiling and on the floors. At this point the owner of the house started freaking out and we decided to kick everyone out, as we knew that the people were making him uncomfortable, and to be honest they were making me feel the same way. After they left the owner of the house was really really fucked up and it was as if having those people there left him with a sour "aftertaste", but emotionally. We decide to go outside for a walk. The first thing I noticed was the night sky, it was absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The clouds looked 3D and the stars had slight trails on them. The grass seemed to have some sort of "wave" type motion, which I thought was awesome. Being outside made me feel some of the most intense euphoria I have ever experienced, and I knew it wasn't a chemical happiness as much as the result of the admiration of things. Everytime I would go to the bathroom to urinate, i would become aware of my own patterns of thinking, I would question my taste in things, feeling as though I was just following a herd, around this time, the trip took a dark turn. I started to question my existance, and was looking for reasons to keep living, i just reminded myself of the world outside on mushrooms and that was enough to change the trip back into something more comfortable. After the trip, all three of us were speechless, and left with a positive outlook in life, that is still present to this day, I was expecting to have a good time but I ended up having a life changing experience, one that is up there with my first day of school or my first kiss.

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