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6 grams on Halloween!

Swallowing the 6th gram, i felt releived that the taste was behind me.

Swallowing the 6th gram, i felt releived that the taste was behind me.Just a small price to pay

Waiting for the drug to take effect, i decide to go for a walk, no pot can be smoked in the house, but hey, mushrooms being perfect for outdoor fun, i journey into the woods!

Just one joint, to start the trip i thought. By the time it was gone, the mushrooms were taking effect. The first wave felt like a drunken disorientation. The atmosphere all around me turned into a red/purplish hue.

Amazed with the beautiful maple tree I stood before, I somehow felt like I communicated with it. I told it how much I adored it, and a sudden breeze ruffled the leaves followed by the cawing of a nearby crow...

Had I just talked to a tree? Perhaps, but the patterns that spun all around me was more interesting to me now...

Then out frm a swirling vortex of space and time, appeared a trail asking me to follow it. I was led to a ledge, over looking such a surreal valley of evergreens. I sat then, closed my eyes, and meditated.

(undescribable visions and concepts)

I awoke about 20 minues later, or there abouts to discover my body had melted into the ground, and i felt paralized. This feeling quickly passed as I stood up.

At 3am, Halloween night, I decide to head back towards my den. The walk home was spent following what I beleive to be a wolf spirit, and gaurdian to me. His form shifted from image into sound, evn music-like ambience.

I walk in the door, and go quietly into my room. I'm nowheres near tired at this point, so I sit at my PC and begin typing at random, soon realizing i was forming a poem...

Steele, my soul from me,
Taken by your sanest vision,
Abandon me to this place,
Insane in space!
I love you through and through, but gone without a trace...
I am, therefore I think!
Emotions in a race...
Confused? I think so
Mixed up?
Fuck yeah!
I want it through and through!
I want it though and through!

~Direwolf 03

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