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5 grams of shrooms.

my first time on shrooms i has taken a half a eighth, which was the funnest day of my life.

my first time on shrooms i has taken a half a eighth, which was the funnest day of my life. all i have to say about that is that i realy didnt have many tripping happen to me, but everyone i interacted with seemed like my best friend and i totallly recommend this amount to anyone. now, my second time i jumped from a half eighth to to about 5 grams. the shroomz kicked in about 12:00 pm, a half hour after i took them, right on schedule. at first i felt like i needed to puke. my advice to all is that if you need to puke, do it. it makes you feel better and does not affect your trip at all. the funnest thing i did while on it was taking a car ride to my friends house. i rolled down all the windows, and it seemed as if i was floating and it made me very excited. the first that was on my mind was that i wanted to swim. i started doing flips and dives off the diving board. when i was in the air it seemed like i was there forever. when i got in the water it was like i couldnt feel the water, it felt like i was walking around normally. when i got above water i told my friend," i think i can breathe forever under water." so, after saying that i went back in the water and i tried. when i thought that id been under for about an hour and the next thing i knew i was in the house getting dressed. it was really weird. now getting back in the car is when shit started goin nuts. we had seven people in a five person car. then i saw friend sitting with with one of my girl friends and prctically fucking right there in front of me. then i looked away and looked back and they were just sitting there, doing nothing. then paranoia took place. one of friends yelled out, " there's a cop." it was about 1:30 around this time and i was very fucked up and it scared the shit of me. from there on i curled myslef into a ball as best i could and i thought that the cops were talking to us and we were in trouble. one of my theories on shrooms is that if you want to believe something is true and it comes true. soon we were back at another one of my friends house where we were spending the night and i managed to crawl into his house and down into the basement. then i managed to find my way to his couch and i started puking in the corner after he offered me a trashcan to do it in. for some stupid reason i felt more comfortable doing it in the corner. after i was done evreryone was staring at me and it seemed like their eyes were huge and constatly blinking. then i started to go upstairs to get something to eat and when i got to the stairs i saw what i thought was my friends mom. i actually visualized a person there. i thought that since i threw up she was mad at me so i started to beg this imaginary person for forgiviness. my friends said that i left the room for like 25 minutes and they couldnt find me. thats i think this happened. another tihng aboiut shrooms is that you always forget the last thing that happened. so after i came back downstairs around 2:30, i sat down and all my attention was directed to friends NWO poster for like what seemed to be an hour. it seemed as if the letters would keep coming out at me and switching up. it was nuts. after that i thought i was going to try and go to bed. then i realized that it wasnt possible. it seemed like the house was shaking and it was going to fall on me. then after about a half hour i forgot about all of that i started talking to my friend, whos a girl, and it seemd like she was completley covered in dust. she looked ghost-like. that eventually went away tohugh. one of the cool things i remember was me playing with her hand and putting it on my face and it seemed like my face was soft and goo-like. people went home and the party died down. the next part of my trip took place in the bathroom. once i got in i looked in the mirror and it was the craziest tihng ive ever seen. my face seemed like it was stretching and then it would just straighten up. mirrors fuck with you. when i tried to concentrate on my eyes my eyebrows looked they were doing circle around my eyes. i was in there for at least a full hour. then i went back downstairs and everyone was sleeping. it was four am aorund now. i went up to one of my friends and i was touching their faces and they showed no sign of waking up. i wasnt aware that they were asleep and i thought that they were all dead. i then thought i was dead and that it was my punishment to stay there and see all my friends dead. i dont understand it either. it was very crazy. eventually i went to a room to be by myself and the room i went to has tons of those glowing stars all over the walls. this probably wouldve been the coolest thing if i wasnt scared off my ass. i think this would be cool if youre having a good trip. i guarentee youll tink youre space or someting. then i sat down and looked at the ceiling till six am and my friend came and woke me up to go to work. when youre on shrooms its nearly impossible to sleep when youre trippin. i still at seven felt very weird but as soon as i went outside i saw daylight my trip went away. right away. my advice to anyone that ever does this much is to be in a place when no paranoia can take place. that is my story of my crazy experience with shrooms.

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