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4th of July TRIP OUT!

My boyfriend and a few of his friends hit up the field for some mushrooms for the 4th.

My boyfriend and a few of his friends hit up the field for some mushrooms for the 4th. Keep in mind since I live in Louisiana shrooms grow abundantly in cow pastures that we pick oftenly, but they come and go due to the seasons. We cleaned and de-stemmed about 200 and we're gettin ready to trip! There was about 10 of us and we ate about 10 huge caps a piece. They taste awful, but it is well worth it! After about 15 minutes, we all got this idea to watch shrek 3d movie I had found w/ these 3d glasses. After about 5 minutes into the movie, we were all confused laughing histerically at our friend Nick bc he had just lost his shit! He started spittin all this booty chatter and became the entertainment for the next hour. The visuals were nuts. Peoples faces were morphing into each other, and the light in the room seemed to be fading in and out. Thoughts crawled through my head one after the other. Things I would never put into perspective. We all go outside and smoke a bowl and "ride the light." We all got into a 2 hour discussion about politics, world issues, life, death, everything. When ur trippin somehow you always think you have everything figured out. Trippin is my favorite thing to do.....and we are gonna keep on pickin the shrooms out of the cow shit for more great TRIPS!!

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