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4of july TRIPtacular

I have been wanting to trip for a while it's been about a mouth since my last trip.

I have been wanting to trip for a while it's been about a mouth since my last trip.
I bought a half oZ. of shrooms and i spotted my friend a 8th cause i'm not greedy or selfious or anything.
At 5:00pm i ate 4 shroom and caps and it hit pretty fast at 5:20pm i was peaking and i thought i didn't have to do any other chores that night but i was wrong my mom made do a bunch of fucked up chores that made my buzz go away.Finally i sat down around 8:00pm and i was pissed off so i watched Dumb and Dumber a very funny movie.
At 8:30 i ate 4 more shrooms and caps cause i thought the trip went away boy was i wrong at 10:00pm everything i looked at morphed into things and people i knew.
At 2:30am my brother came home with a friend and he found out earlier that i was tripping which i don't never want him to know that i'm tripping and they did the dumbest shit in the world like make chinese noise and i would say shut the fuck up and they would dinie that they made any noise but i knew that they did.
At 3:00am they went to bed and as soon as they did that i glanced at a picture tooking when i was in 3rd grade my face started to grow devil horns out of my head then morphed into people i knew threw my life all my friends from grade school till now.Then my mom came down the hallway and seen me on the couch just staring around the room with my small shi tzu in my lap it was 4:00am so i had to goto bed so she wouldn't know what was up.I went to my room and turned on my black light and listened to KoRn for 2 hours just staring at my KoRn poster where they are cartoons with big eyes.They would make faces at me and flip me the finger and i started to talk to the guitarist Munky threw my mind.
Then i closed my eyes and what ever i thought about i seen one vision i remeber is that i skipping threw a mushroom land with 10 feet tall shrooms every where and i would take a bite out of each one.
I strongly recommened while tripping close your eyes and image shit and you will see it.
Ant ways the trip lasted till around 6:00am I do it again any day.

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