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3rd time

I went to a friends house and I ate 3 grams of shrooms.

I went to a friends house and I ate 3 grams of shrooms. We watched Family Guy with his sister (who didn't know I ate shrooms cause she's 12), in the middle of family guy, the shrooms kicked in, the T.V. looked like it had waves, everything started vibrating and moving patterns formed on the carpet.

I went to the washroom, and after doing my business, I looked at myself in the mirror. I laughed for a bit, then I had a conversation with myself about what I should do with my life. And when I saw myself I could see several different faces on my faces, but they were all me (kinda like different versions of me). It turned out that I was in the washroom for 20 minutes.

Me and my friend walked in some alleys near his house, and there were kaleidoscope patterns in the trees, and they were growing. I took another gram of shrooms, and we both smoked some weed. We went back to his place and chilled in his basement. 3D patterns rose from the carpet, and I saw many different hallucinations of the word TOOL (the band, I really am too obsessed with them).

I walked to the bus stop, and as I was, I felt like I was so close to knowing the meaning of life and what I should do with it. This was my peak, and it was the most amazing thing i've felt in my entire life (yes, im still a virgin). People started looking like monsters.

I got to my train station, and since it was late no buses were running, so I started walking. I stopped at Tim Hortons, (a donut place), and saw a friend working there. It took me 5 minutes to order something cause I was completely fucked out of my mind.

I walked to where I work (Dairy Queen), and before I walked in, I made sure the manager who wouldnt care about me being on shrooms was there. When I was buying myself something, the wife of the owner popped out of nowhere and started asking me why I was there. I had a pretty hard time cause I was tripping so hard. Then I realized that I was there because I needed to book a day off to go to Warped Tour. I said it like this "Um... well... I'm going to a concert... uhh... wednesday... so i need to book a day off, cause im going to a concert... tuesday... wait no, wednesday".

I finally got home by getting a ride from my manager, and she knew I was on shrooms...

All in all, that trip kicked ass

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