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3.3 Grams Potent Mushies

I had anticipated this night for the whole week.

I had anticipated this night for the whole week. A saturday night alone with 3.3 grams of mushrooms. At around 10pm i ate them all and was surprised at how they tasted. People had told me they were so disgusting and i found they weren't that bad at all.

So i talked to people on AIM for a while. First effects became noticable in about 15 minutes. My door and posters on the wall seemed very wierd. Something was not right about them at all. In a few more minutes i noticed my door melting inward and breathing. Patterns spread out across my room. The Doors sounded better than ever and my computer display had a green aura surrounding it. It was holy. My body was orgasmic and i could not stop twitching around in pleasure. I could also not stop laughing. Swirling lights moved all around my vision and formed into visions of people.

Something scary happened. My brain was shocked. I felt somethinv very alien inside my head. My whole environment would shake violently simultaneously with this buzzing noise and feel in my brain. At first i would not let it happen and laugh it off, but eventually i discovered i would have to go with it in order to reach a higher level off this trip. So i put in Wish you were here and layed back in the chair. I could hear this insane laughter coming from the distance. I had really fucked myself this time. The combining visuals, feel, and thoughts were too overwhelming. I felt as if id ejaculate from this drug. It was fucking amazing.

The buzzing kept coming back and i decided it was time to lie down in bed. I felt a bit dissociated on my trip over there. So i colapsed in bed. I fused with my wall and bed and became one with them. My hand grew to be very small, hairy, and covered with warts. I was horrified at this. What had i done. My arms were very small and so were my legs. I was a fucking hairy troll or knome of some sort. My mind hurt and the buzzing kept coming back but with more intensity. Shit was not going how i had expected it to. I was limbless. I was left with two stubs for arms and two stubs for legs. I turned off the music and put on the television. I needed something to calm me down, but shit was going horribly wrong. I would keep looking down at my body. I had a foot where my left arm should be and my knees were bending the wrong way. I was an evil fucking creature. How had i mutilated myself in this mannor? What was wrong with my mind? My legs were bending in the wrong directions and screwed to my body wrong. I felt like that odd looking fuck in that animated korn video where he mutilates himself over and over. It was so scary because not only did i see these things, but i felt them as well. I felt my dick moving around in my pants on its own. There were 3, not one. Wtf! I had live snakes in place of my cock.

Meet the Fockers was on television. Ben stillers head kept morphing into a Thumb or Big toe. Everyone looked so evil. I tried to calm myself down, but my thoughts were racing. I was stuck ina fucking time loop. My thoughts and visuals would keep repeating at the sound of every buzz. I then started to hear nuts rolling around in my head and knocks in my head. I was a fuckikng chipmunk. My room became this small home plastered with oak. I would keep hearing these nuts and knocks in my head. I lied in dispose for hours, unable to tell the time as when i looked at the clock it would display something like 13:798. An impossible time. Eventually i realized this odd pain in my stomache meant i had to piss or just die. I was not sure. So i picked my fucked up dissociated self off the bed and stumbled out into the hallway. The hallway was so small and the walls bent out forming an oval tunnel. This place was deffinatly in a tree. Such a wonderfull home a chipmunk has. I reached for the doorknob, but i could not find it. Then i saw it. The door was so fucking huge. The end of the hallway i came from was so small, but this end opened up into a giants home. So i stepped into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My face began to morph like it had on a past acid trip. The door also swayed back and forth just like the acid had made it do. My pupils were huge and i walked over to the toilet to piss this poisin out of me. I felt much better after urination that when i got back to my room i was in a good mood. I layed down in bed and changed the channel to the sweatest thing. Such beautiful girls, my fucking god. My trip instantly changed from bad to great. All i could think was awesome. My cieling moving as clouds do, and the woman on television made for a great experience. I was still lying in odd positions with my toes all curled up and legs entangled together, but at least i had my limbs back. I really wanted to go have a cigarette, but i did not quite know how to work my arms and legs enough to make it down the stairs, and i deffinatly would have a hard time rolling one. So i dreamed of cigarettes for hours before finally falling asleep sometime past 3 in the morning.

I woke up this mornign so happy to find that i was normal again. I was so scared that i had done some serious damage to my brain that night. The knocks and alien sounds i heard in my head really made me believe i had made myself insane. This was one of the hardest trips of my life, and i reallly learned a lot about myself. I also learned i need to chill the fuck out. I had a big head that night and dosed way too high for myself as i am very inexperienced with mushrooms. I thought well shit ive had my times with acid and other powerfull psychoactives, why not take a high dose of mushrooms? I was wrong and i set myself up for a very very bad trip. Mushrooms really will turn you into little people.

The previous report was not my best writing as i was pretty fucked in the head still when i wrote it two days ago.

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