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2nd trip, what a crazy night

I am a 18 year old male, 150lbs, 5'7".

I am a 18 year old male, 150lbs, 5'7". I had only eaten half a grapefruit, a banana, and some rice before eating some chocolate shrooms that my friend Ryan brought over. I had only tripped once before, and the time before had been a level 1, and quite the disappointment. Well last night was NO disappointment at all.

I thought I knew what to expect while tripping on shrooms. I had read a lot on this site about the effects of shrooms and how to stay calm. After tonight, I know I was terribly wrong.

My friends and I had been planning on doing them for a week now, since I had done them the week before, but with results COMPLETELY unlike the trip I had last time. It all started around 11:35pm, when my friend Ryan came over. We all ate one shroom chocolate, but Ryan ate two. I felt really queasy and uncomfortable like 20 minutes after eating them, I was really anxious as well. Then I just relaxed and things seemed to get progressively better.

At around 12:10am I remember I was feeling it a lot stronger than anyone else, but soon everyone was feeling it. The whole night was kind of a blur. I remember at 1:00am we all went outside to smoke a blunt, and while we were smoking it hit us really hard. Every drink I took felt like it wasn’t quenching me. The water I was drinking tasted like kool-aid to me and the rest of our group. I remember going inside to get something, and my friend Stephanie came up to me and said “I see deer in your house; we must get out of here, too many deer in here.” And she kind of ducked and we ran out the back door. I remember holding the water and it seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

My girlfriend started panicking, since it was her first time, so I helped calm her down, she was tripping harder than I was, and I felt it was my duty to make sure she has a safe trip. At around 1:25am we all came in from smoking we just sat in the same room with each other and talked. We talked about stuff that we normally wouldn’t think about, random things. It was weird how we all like, were touching each other in some way. It felt right to touch; it felt like we were becoming one. We kept thinking we were being really loud, when in reality it was all in our heads. Our group kept panicking, and you could feel hostility every once in a while, but I just kept reassuring everyone.

At around 1:40am we were all slipping deeper and deeper into this unknown world. It was indescribable the way I felt. Whatever I touched I felt like I melded into. Time slowed down, and even stopped for me once. Me, Alex, Ryan, and Amy all went on a walk together around 2:00am, because we thought my parents were waking up and we were really against talking to anyone that wasn’t tripping. We were outside and I remember Alex had a lot of gummy bears. He ate them all in one gulp and was amazed to notice they were gone. That walk seemed to be forever. We named it the walk to the end of the never ending street. When we were walking together, we all felt as if we were one. As if every single one of us was molded into each other. I think we danced in the rain but my memory is really cloudy during the walk. Our plan was to go to the church by my house and just sit and be away from everyone but when we got to the end of the road I touched alex’s band-aid. I felt a shooting pain into my hand where I touched him, and he jumped and said, “What the fuck, what the hell was that!?” It was very strange how I had felt his pain.

When we came back at around 2:20am we scared Tyler and Stephanie. They were tripping their balls off. Tyler said that he had relived some of his memories that he doesn’t even remember happening. We just all sat down and talked and laughed uncontrollably. Then we started playing basketball on the playstation 2. It felt as if I were actually playing in the game. It was the coolest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I remember lying down in my bed and listening to my Mae CD around 3:00am, I loved it. It felt like a constant orgasm when I had my eyes closed, and I could see everything as if my eyes were open. It was incredible; I was in my own little world. Then my friend Ryan had come down since he had done shrooms two days ago, and he started freaking me out because I thought I was never going to come down. It was a really big buzz kill. Finally we came down from it around 4:30am, shared our stories with each other and I took Ryan home.

What a crazy night, I will never forget it. It just happens to be my girlfriend’s birthday too. GREAT birthday present. Can’t wait to trip again.


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