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2nd trip (long but cool)

I was depressed by my last trip which was also at school.

I was depressed by my last trip which was also at school. I ate part of a choc. mushroom star my friend gave me and

it sucked and had no efffect on me. This time i was eating lunch at my school with some of my friends when she ( Jasra) comes up and says hey dude i need to talk to you. She showed me a huge brownie and i was like so..and then she told me she got some shrooms from he friend and it was a shroom brownie.. i tweaked and was like just me ad you get to share it and shes like yeahh!!!
So we each took half of the brownie giving us eachlike 3 by 3 inches of shroomy goodness..I am 5'0 and weigh a lil mre than avg and me and jasra just sat and waited..we didnt eat
cuz we didnt wanna barf. We took the van up to our next class and just waited. All of a sudden we felt weird..we were in our media class trying to type but our arms were like all limp and mushy..we kept feeling our arms and we kept saying wow...my arms are soo warm...and then our teacher who is pretty large morphed into a faerie
and she walked toward us and we heard the ground rapping like eminem. the teacher came and asked up what was wrong and i said that its not fair...she just tohught we were acting stupid but wwhen we went back down 2 the campus she sent a senior with us
and we ran to get us on the bus where reportedly people kept asking me questions and i just kept saying dude dude and i got home and my step mother said the teacher had called cuz i was acting weird-er than normal and i was like im just tired and she left and i passed out and woke up at like 9 pm and was sick and barfing.

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