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2nd Go with pills

i posted my first trip a few days ago, and was rather upset with my results from the psylocibin pills i took.

i posted my first trip a few days ago, and was rather upset with my results from the psylocibin pills i took. today i took another one, not to worried about what would happen. i was very suprised at how fast this trip kicked in, and how strong the things that were happening to me were. i wont get into too much, but walls were breathing/bending, colors were fucked, and there was laughter galore. at one point i went into the starbucks bathroom to check my eyes, and ill have to say that the ultimite thing to do while tripping is a mirror. i think i could stand there for hours and just look at myself. i found that the best spot to focus your attention on is right underneith your eyes, and if you try to suppress your laughter, you face will get VERY fucked up. my eyes were melting, and my skin looked like it was falling off. my teeth turned into sharp shark-like teeth, adn that kinda bugged me out, so i went back to rejoin my friends, but i really wish i had spent more time in there because it was lots of fun. when i was with my friends, i had mild-moderate hullucinations, but in the bathroom mirror, things were the most distorted. i think next time i do this, im going to try to stare at another friends face while he stares back at me, but im sure this is going to be close to impossible to do because of the giggle fits that come with mushrooms and staring contests. all i have to say is if your confidnent with your self-image, deffinetly try mirrors. ive heard people get really scared/sad/depressed/freaked out from these, but if you think you can handle it, definetly give it a try. if worst comes to worst you can always just leave the bathroom or look away and clear your head. anybody that has had similar experiances with mirrors, or would like to give me some tips, email me at nickleback9528@hotmail.com. one last thing i would like to mention is that both times ive tripped, its only lasted 2 - 2.5 hours, adn this is rather dissapointing beacause i pay the money for the 4-6 like the rest of my friends, but after a while i just come down all at once. if anybody knows anything about why this is happening (maybe because its been psylocibin pills both times...? my friends have gotten the full 6 hours out of it tho) please write me as well
anyways, peace, and happy trippin

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