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2 Days of Fungus Maddness

I was sitting at the beach when Nick called me on his way home from school.

I was sitting at the beach when Nick called me on his way home from school. I had skipped last bell lunch to check the surf, there was none as usual. "The fungus is amoung us Tyler" he said, "along with a fat dank sack of weed." Needless to say i rushed to the car and over to the house we had agreed to meet at. There we worked on a halfpipe we were building, and drove to our freind jakes house to give him his share of weed. There I ate a half 8th of some nice shrooms, and took 2 bong hits. Jake had plans, so me and nick jeft there quick to avoid driving while tripping.

I drove to Reids house (he had called before I ate my shrooms, so he and my friend Brian ate a half 8th each right as I did). Nick left to trip with a freind Chris who he was delevering shrooms to also. The moment I stepped out of the car I noticed that warm happy feeling had kicked in. We played ping pong for a while, and we played surprisingly good. From there we migrated inside, when i noticed that very mild visuals were starting to kick in. His zebra print rug started to flow and rotate. I saw faces in a painting of a forest. We stayed inide for about 30 min, before we decided to take a ride in the neighborhood.

I was definitly tripping now, the trees above the road started to bend in, like they wanted to touch me. The cruise was intended for smoking a few bowls, so we did. WE got a call from a freind Kevin, so we drove to his house which is in the neighborhood. I was amazingly comfortable here. I sprawled out on a couch eating jelly beans and looking at the ceiling swirl and pulseate. We talked crazy mushroom talk for a while when we decided that a walk on the golf course would be a good idea because we were about to peak.

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