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1st trip- not good 1

when i got the mushrooms, we went to my friends house, i didnt think it was going to be that bad.

when i got the mushrooms, we went to my friends house, i didnt think it was going to be that bad. after half hour went by, everything started too look cool. After staring at a pc for around 1 hour i went down stairs and it really started to get bad. Everything was all adn fine until i faced one of my friends and he started asking me stupid ass questions over and over. Then i started to get sick. I tried to fall asleep but failed. It really started to get bad now. I eventually went in a bathroom tring to take a piss but could not for some reason. A littlewhile later i went back tring to through up cause my stomach was going crazy. I was laying on the floor of the bathroom for like 2 hours tring to comprehend what reality was really like but i just couldnt do it!! maybe for 1-2 secs, then id fall back in to it. I swear i had to hold myself back to try not to kill myself. During this time, i dont know how i got into the bathroom because on the way out, i couldnt even open the door. Then i tried to type, that didnt work at all. Everything in the room was like a ray of colors which kicked ass. During this whole time i felt erally weird. hard to explain but i felt like i was being inverted and exverted over and over. LIke being turned inside out. It wasnt a pleasureable experience. I dont know why. Then we were watched jonny bravo.... you see him soo fucking happy, you just wanna kill him. when his parents were home it was soo fucking funny. They were like whats wrong with you and shit. We were like we ate bad burgerking!!! someoen put acid in our burgers.... they made me get a fucking drug test to see if it was really it. passed them all and they were about to call the cops and sue burgerking too. maybe ill try them again in a lower dosage, even though i didnt take too many of them in the beginning.

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