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1st Trip


Hello. I am a 15 year old male and am about 150 pounds. I had about twenty bucks worth of shrooms today and at about 6:09 and ate each one.

I ate almost nothing prior. About a half hour in i started feeling euphoric mainly resembling being high on weed. I was with three girls who were just drinking alcohol. An hour in and colors were starting to be extremely vibrant. Orange especially jumped out. Orange pop and an orange book on the table.

A short time after i closed my eyes and was having intense hallucinations conisting of squares spiraling and creating odd colors. Then eventually i started seeing people in my head pointing at me. Some were far away and some were close but they both looked as if they were a foot away which didn't and still doesnt make sense. When i closed my eyes it seemed they were still open and i could see what my friends were doing. When i opened my eyes my vision seemed as if it spanned wider and the room seemed to have grown in size.

I then felt as if everyone was crowding around me and was interested in me. I felt loved and very happy. I was convinced that i would always feel this way and i forgot completely that i had to go home at 11 and the fact that school exists.

At about 8 we went outside for a smoke. It was dark but instead of seeing it dark i saw it more like a blur. I felt disoriented. Walking into my friends backyard i felt like we were on a hill on top of the world. During our smoking i started to see zombie faces on her shed and out in the trees and same with when i closed my eyes. I then found that i could control my hallucinations and made all the zombies in my head hold cotton candy. This sight was pleasing to me.

We went inside and i created an imaginary friend named Dandy who i decided would always appear when i did drugs. I didn't see him nor hear him but i believed i did. Which was stupid. Yet was fun.

Everyone was drunk and i was tripping. I felt overwhelmingly happy and thought everyone else was and this joyed me greatly. I watched the video "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and while watching it my body felt warm and the visuals of the video looked very intense compared to watching it normally and i got really into the music.

My eye-closed visuals began to pop out at me as if they were 3-d. My open eyed vision appeared expanded and that my eyes could see wider and higher. Time felt like it had been going in slow motion and i continued yelling and laughing throughout the experience.

I believe somewhere around 10:30 i was mainly done tripping. The close-eyed visuals were still there somewhat but my feeling was gone.

Overall it was a great experience and i plan to do this many more times. Thanks everyone for reading.

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