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1st time... Wasn't ready...

This was the first time i had ever tried them.

This was the first time i had ever tried them. I had read trip reports and read information about them and they sounded fun. So i got a Quad and gobbled it up. I went to a reserve and just sat there till they kicked it. At first it was the best thing i have ever experianced. Its imposible to explain what was going on inside my head but it was so great.

I started seeing patterns and everything i saw was beutiful. I wandered around this reserve and i was having an amazing experiance... But then i realized that there were people at the park. I started flipping out. I started thinking that they knew that i was on shrooms and i got very scared. I went into my car and hide in the backseat. I sat in the backseat of my car for probably about an hour or so. I started thinking i should kill myself. It was hell. My head hurt i was crying nothing made since and i wanted someone to help me but was afraid to leave my car. after about an hour of this horrible horrible trip i meet a friend. He calmed me down and we chilled for the rest of the night.

I was definatly not ready for this experiance. But i recently did them again and it was much better.

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