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Deep Thoughts

Alright, I've done shrooms a few time before and was ready to do them again.

Alright, I've done shrooms a few time before and was ready to do them again. So a few friends and I got about 6g. Enough for 2gs each. I've done 4gs by myself so I figured this would be an enjoyable but light trip. We ate em up at about 9, then went outback and smoked a few bowls to smooth out the come up. At around 10 my high was coming down some and I was noticing the mushrooms coming on. I felt real light and was just giggling over nothing, some very obvious signs my shrooms were kicking in. After about 30 minutes I really started to blast off, anything that was real bare (like a wall or carpet) would swirl all around and I was seeing rainbows outlining everything. At one point I walked into the bathroom and noticed all the tiles would kinda melt together and there were colored spots all over the ground. I kinda stopped awing at the visuals and just went into this crazy deep thinking process. My thinking patterns were all screwy though and I couldnt really think about something for very along at all cuase I would jump to a whole nother thought. My friend asked me if I was alright cuase I was just spacing out for a while, then I relized that I couldnt even remember what I was just thinking about. But I could remember really THINKING, just not what the hell it was about. Anyways, the night went pretty smooth. Just wondered around the house enjoying the experience, we took a walk around our block at about 12. I had never tripped at night so that was all new to me, it was, for loss of a better word, awesome. Mushrooms truley are an amazing thing. Every time I trip I gain even more respect for their power.

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