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1st time

me and about 4 of my friends ate shrooms in one of my friends dorm rooms.

me and about 4 of my friends ate shrooms in one of my friends dorm rooms. Everybody else had shroomed before but it was my fisrt time, I loved it. The best part was when my friend abbey and I went on a walk around campus, everything like the trees, and the stars looked so cool. The thing was that nothing seemed real to me, even people so i would walk up to them to try to figure out if they were real, I would get about a half a foot or so away from them before I figured out that they were real, then I would get scared and just turn around and walk off, but whatever. I was also really confused about life, if this was what life was suppose to be like, and all of that. We listened to music, and that was cool. The only bad thing that happened on my trip was that I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and ran into my RA, we had about a five minute conversation, and she either didn't notice I was tripping or didn't say anything, so that was cool, the real problem was is that I was freaking the whole time we were talking. Also, things kept changing colour, like my friends hair looked blue, and my other friends hair looked multicoloured. BUt all in all the trip was great, I loved it!!!

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