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1st step a real doozy

Man, I'll never forget the first time I ate shrooms two falls ago.

Man, I'll never forget the first time I ate shrooms two falls ago. I was a junior in high school then and have recently graduated. Since then I've tripped more times than I can count(I wanna say somewhere around thirty). But anywho back to the story. Im a junior and I become interested in psychadaelics. I wait and wait and wait and finally I find some mushrooms for a grand total of $35 an 8th-total hustlin'! But I'm so eager to to try 'em I pay it anyway. After I got em I planned out my trip. One of my friend's parents were gone that weekend and they were all gonna trip, so I called in sick for work. I then pick up an eighter of nuggies to cheef and a bottle of vodka (thought for some reason it couldn't hurt) which in hinesight I've seen there is no need for. I eat the shrooms, drink a fif of vodka, then roll up a blunt. After I smoked the blunt I was blazed and drunk, but it took the booms about another half hour to kick in. When I finally started tripping I couldn't remember when I started. The time from when I ate them to the time I started tripping was a total blur.It felt as if I just woke up tripping on my friends couch.This was the first time I had felt such a distortion of time since my early days of smoking weed. There were five or six of us just chillin on the couch. They were all watching "Honey, I Blew up the Kid," but I was too fucked up to even comprehend what was going on. I remember them talking to me, but I found it extremely difficult to respond. I think an eighth was a little more than I needed for the first time, but oh well. I looked at the lights above my friends fireplace. They were yellow earlier, but now they were red and green. The family photos on the wall seemed 3-D and also appeared like they were sinking into the wall. I then looked across the room at these cupboards. The woodgrains were moving so fast it made me dizzy, and I can probably guarantee that was due to the vodka. After that I remember tripping out lookin at this table. I got lost in each little section of it, seeing all these crazy shapes and patterns move, melt, rotate, morph, etc. I picked up my coat to get a smoke out of it, but I couldn't find the damn pocket! It took me literally almost five minutes of running my fingers over the lining the coat to find this pocket.It was about this time when I looked around that everybody was gone. I don't know if I was scared or if I just didn't want to be alone but I ran outside. I then saw three of my buddies runnin out to the car sayin: "We're goin to Mickey Dee's," (McDonalds, obviously) so I hopped in. We were smokin herb on the way there; right on the main drag of town. I started to get a real bad feeling and told everyone to stop. Here's the real kicker, are you ready?

Right before we turn into McDonalds, my worst fear becomes reality. One of my friends said "Are they pulling us over?" I then noticed red and blue lights all around me-AND THEY WERE! It just now dawns on me that I have an eighth of weed in my pocket. I was so fucked up that I forgot to leave it at the house (a somewhat firm rule I have). I wanted to eat it and I should I have, but I was frozen stiff. I would have have cried if I was able to. They pull us over in the McDonald's parking lot. I'm peaking at this point and there's a crazy blur of red and blue. The first thing the cop did was get our names. I had to spell my last name, and although it's only 5 letters, it was fuckin rough! I studdered, gulped, paused in between letters to think, etc. and he could smell my fear. As soon as he turns around to go back to his car my idiot friend swallows his bag o' weed, cellophane and all, and the cop sees this out of the corner of his eye. He then reaches through the window and starts CHOKING my friend telling him to spit it out. After he swallows it the cop asks him to step out of the vehicle, but that door doesn't work. So I had to get out and let him out mine. As soon as I got out the cop told me to put my hands on the vehicle while he was arresting my buddy. This sucks because the other passenger in the car got to sit in there while me and the kid gettin' cuffed kept the cop busy enough that he got to put his weed up his ass. He searched me, found my shit, cuffed me, and threw me in the back of the backup squad. Just picture this scene: I'm handcuffed sittin in the back of a cop car with red and blue lights illuminating the whole scene with metallica on in the cop car. All this while I'm peaking. It felt like a nightmare. I was trippin balls and I had no control over it.

After that he took me downtown and booked me. Fingerprints, mugshot, the whole nine yards. Every time he inked a figer I would subconciously put my hand back in my pocket. And he would tell me "You're getting ink all over your pants," and I still did it almost everytime. The cop says to me "You look pretty messed up," I responded that I had smoked a lot of weed and he said "I can tell." The whole time I'm freaking out thinking that he's going to find out I'm trippin, but he doesn't. I found this hilarious because any idiot could tell I was shrooming or on LSD or ecstasy or any other drug like that because my pupils were like quarters, seriously. Like there was no eye color at all, just big black pupils. What a dumbass cop! He had no fuckin clue in his head that class A felony drug intoxication was right under his nose.

I had to fill out a statement (Don't worry I gave them a fake name, no narcing here) and it was shady. I couldn't write. Each letter in my name and address would be either above or below the line, never actualy on. And my name and address were almost certainly mispelled. I then had to write a paragraph that was the most shady, chicken-scratched cuncoction of sentence fragments I will ever see. It looked like pre-schooler wrote in in crayon. lol! All and all I got possession of THC and a tobacco ticket. Fuckin dick took my cigs that were not easy to get at the time.

My mom picked me up and bitched at me the whole way home. Whatever. I didn't give a fuck I was still shrooming. I got home and was fiening for a grit so bad I went into my neighbors car and stole the whole pack. I went out to lay on my trampoline and look at the stars. It was such a nice night. I was totally meditating on what had just happened. My trip at this point almost came back to being good, almost. But I still couldn't forget for more than 1 minute that I was arrested. Words could never describe how I felt. I was like a prisoner that had just been freed. I listened to the sounds of night and it was crazy how everything was so calm and peaceful after being so crazy and agonizing just a few hours earlier.

Although this was probably easily one of the worst nights of my life, it was still the first time I shroomed. And I knew I'd be shroomin again real soon. I also learned a good lesson. My weed and pipes (and shrooms) never leave my house. I am now paranoid about getting busted and is probably why I haven't since. Smoking weed in a car isn't really that logical anyway. But anywho you're probably all laughing at what a dumbass I am and you're probably right. But my momma says stupid is as stupid does.

Merry shrooming everyone!

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