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1st full trip

Well, I have taken shrooms twice before but this time I decided to go all out.

Well, I have taken shrooms twice before but this time I decided to go all out. I was hanging out with my friends all day and it was cool when my hook-up friend told me he could get me some shrooms that night. So I had to get $100 for 5 grams of shrooms, and we met the guy at McDonalds and went back to the house. My dad was going to pick me up in about an hour, so I figured I'd just eat them so I wouldn't have to hide anything in my pockets when he picked me up.
So my friend showed me what I had just bought and I was sooo excited. There were 5 baggies all in one big baggie all full of big caps and stems. Now, my sense of taste really isn't very powerful, so while I am chewing down these shrooms I really don't mind the taste. So my dad came to pick me up and I couldn't whipe the stupid grin off of my face...and I was looking out the window and the only thing I noticed different were lights. Lights were getting darker and brighter and when I got home I went straight to the computer. I noticed something was different...I felt like I was drunk but so much better and I looked at the walls and the pattern was moving and breathing. Everything with texture was speeding along and bouncing around like it was all inflatable. I kept on feeling these rushes of pure happiness and I went to go look at myself in the mirror and I saw my bushy head of hair floating around like it was a solid flame and my skin was turning purple. I saw the carpet was forming patterns and they all seemed to be alive and indifferent to me. Sooner or later my emotions were completely alive and I was laughing because I was SOOO happy. I heard music coming from every direction and I felt all these familiar feelings, and that I wasn't in my body anymore. That my brain, and my soul had broken the physical barrier. My friends kept calling me to see what I was doing but when I put the phone to my ear, I couldn't hear anything. So I held it up in the air and I saw white beams coming out of the earphone and they flated into my eyes and each time a beam hit me I heard a word spoken. i was so amazed at how much sense this made that I wasn't even listening to what they were saying. I was walking around like a bumbling idiot looking for cool patterns because I noticed that everything with a pattern did this sort of "living breathing" thing and it was amazing to watch. My sister called me from mexico and she told me she bought me a pipe and I was excited. But at about 530 am I started to feel lonely and I looked in the mirror at myself and my reflection was screaming in pain and fear and its eyes were becoming huge and my face and my body were morphing beyond belief. I was very scared and lonely and I returned to the patterns on the wall and noticed they were no longer moving. I felt as if it was all gone. The fear went away and I just went to bed. It was awesome. U SHOULD ALL TRY IT SOMETIME.
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