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15yrs Old and a Trip for Worldly Understanding

I've been triping about 4 times now, each of which has given me a deeper understanding of the Magic Mushroom state of mind.

I've been triping about 4 times now, each of which has given me a deeper understanding of the Magic Mushroom state of mind. At the age of 15 i have truly understood the meaning of life and and why we are all here. You may think my pholosophy is full of shit, but the fact of the matter is, now that i know the meaning of life, i wouldnt waste the time to try and argue to convince you im right.

A regular Sunday morning waking up to the smell of stail bong hits and spilt beer. I woke up in my freind Dans room or one of his rooms with a girl unfamiliar to me, I knew I fucked up cause I couldnt remember a thing from the night before. I have a tendancy to do this some time, not so lucky thow in most of the cases. Dan and Me woke up and roped a joint then went and ate some Breakfast. Today was the day I had been waiting for, the day id go to one of Santa Cruzes State Parks, and trip with my hommie each of us with 3.5 grames of mush in our system. I had gone tripping before, but not like this. Earlier the day before I had sampled the mush before I went to Dans party. I had a fucked up trip, I started feeling overly light and confused, I felt like I couldnt breath, I started seeing black spots from the corner of my eyes. i THOUGHT i WAS going to DIE. I took the mush in the most certain manner, knowing just what I had taken, not even takeing .5 grams. I,ve heard that vitamine c increases your high, so before i ate them I took three Vitamin c pills which equalled 4000 times the amount needed, stupid decision.(never take Vitamin C with mushrooms, just take enough mush) Today was a different day and I prayed that the effects i got were simply from the vitamin c, cause today I was gonna take a much bigger dose(6x),no vitamin c.
I started walking the trail and eating my mush as if it were chips, out in the middle of the trail. We walked for about twenty minutes then toke a bud break, and toked a few bowls in some dark wet riverside, when my mushrooms started to take hold. I began to feel like I had the day before(I had been standing in the rain after ingestion in cloaths i hade warn to a funeral that day) a scary thought of getting stuck in the same reality as the previouse trip was more than crossing through my mind it was happening. I needed to be out of the dark and in the sun something to give better thoughts. I started up the mountain and felt better allready. The intensity of the day before did not hit me, I was fine. We found a grassy, sunny area where a white blooming tree was reaching towards me, and the objects around it were flat and vibrently animated with erratic movement and bright colors. I sat and layed in the warm sun closing my eys, Seeing myself lying were i was in an outer body experience. I could see rainbows on the inside of my eyes when it hit me, life is not the past or the present, its about now, every second you live is a part of life, so why not groove on it all. Why should we limit ourselves to the expectations of others, when we want to enjoy our whole life happy. Im only 15 but i know that life should not be a journey in which the end would be to arrive to god in a perfectley preserved body, but to skreetch in brodside in a withered old boldly, proclaiming, WOW WHAT A RIDE!!!

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