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1 Wollowing in pitty

We all have special trips.

We all have special trips. The sort that you remember until you meet your maker. The story im about to tell is one of those rare and valuable trips that we all wish to have. I will keep it sort.

It all started with 2 of my good friends deciding that they would enjoy hitten some mush with me and so we all bought about 9 grams each, as we are all well experinced in the art of mush. We ate them on a pizza in my basement and about 1 hour later I was really tripping.

I would see flickers of light bending of objects, and most of all voices I WOULD HEAR VOICES wispers that where truley trippy. On the faces of my friends i would see pumping veins of blood just beating and pulsating it was a trip. For the longest time all i could say was Mosquito just MOSQUITO over and over again.

After we all began to trip out we deicided to set a huge cargo box that i had in my backyard a blaze. We intially thought that "Scope" would be flamible and so we used it to start, to our dismey it did nothing but soil the box and stop our attempts at lighting the damned thing. It was then that i remembered that i owned Hand Sanitizer, this shit was like freaken NAPALM gel excellerangt it lit the box a blaze in a flash however my friend didn't notice tha tthe flame was creeping back up the nozel of the soap dispenser. Slowly but surly the whole container was a light in my hand a leter of NAPALM was burning in my hands!! I instanly remembered pre school, I stopped I dropped and i rolled, what they teach you is bullshit, this motion did nothing more than make me role in a puddle of bearning hand soap now my cloths where burning all the while i was tripping on mush. My friends did nothing but fall on the ground and luagh their asses off those bastards. Any way i managed to get the fire under control and we retreated back to my basement.

While there my friend started shouting at the top of his lungs WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE I JUST WANT TO BE BURRIED INTO MY FILTH. He then proceeded to take 5 twinkies and smoosh them all over his body then he took a cola and poored it all over himself in disgust, He shouted that he was drowning in self pitty wollowing in filth. I was laughing my ass off at this outburst it was truely somthing to be seen.

Thats all for now mush is fun tell a friend

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