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1 gram to the gods

I hadn't tripped shrooms in around 5 years then last july '99 I happened to come accross someone with a huge stash and picked me up a healthy part.

I hadn't tripped shrooms in around 5 years then last july '99 I happened to come accross someone with a huge stash and
picked me up a healthy part. I had tripped this particular batch at a festival a month prior and went to simmilar levels that I went on this trip but didn't know it at the time.

At about 6pm on a Fryday night I ate around 1 to 1 1/2 grams
of some VERY potent Psilocybe cubensis on an empty stomach. One shroom I ate was very tiny with about 3-4 tiny caps attached I've read that those little shrooms are very potent in the past and from the level of trip I experienced I'd say there's some validity there. I started the trip out doing the usual thing hanging out waiting for the transfer of realities to take place. About 30 mins into the trip I started to experience very intense 3D visuals consisting of different patterns, mushrooms, etc. It was so intense that things were begining to get very weird. I made it to bed and layed down to try and get a grip. For about 15-20 mins or so I was unsure of what exactly was going on. I was trying to get a grip on the situation like I would if an LSD trip was getting to intense with not much success.

After this time passed I started talking to my woman whom was tripping with me on a very light dosage about Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin dieing at a young age for some reason. She decided she was hungry and got up to fix something to eat. This left me in the bed by myself and this is when I begain to trandcend deeper into the psychedelic realms.

It was like I was going deeper and deeper passing through the layers of the earth, layers of reality, going deeper.. Sounds insect like almost, visuals of me tranversing downward into a psychedelic landscape. Somewhere around here I came in contact with my 'hosts' on this journey. I will refer to these entities as 'shroom people'. These people were felt as an actual presence and they spoke as well. Their language we hear everyday it's everywhere it's constant. The best example of this language in lucid reality I could say would be to play Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' album. My ego was shattered I found myself in this beautiful place of every constant energy. I will call this place for now the 'shroom kingdom' I found myself thanking these 'people' for allowing me to come here and apologizing for not realizing before that they were here taking me on this trip. I realized at that moment that I was just a single soul who was putty in the hands of my hosts. This place I was at was neither life or death but simply every flowing reality. I was seeing what huxley was talking about in that our minds and bodies are simply filters from the rest of the universe to allow us to function in everyday 'reality'.

I was seeing the energy structers of me and the people I knew, I was seeing and feeling this 'energy' which drives life and the universe in an ever constant process and we are a part of it wheather we like it or not. I was shown how my grandmother <whom never even thought about tripping psychedelics> was driven by certain energy entities to create my mother and then me so that I would eventually come to know this place where I was at. Life, simple existance and even death were all a part of this cycle which is constant and would continue even if the planet earth were to blow into a billion trillion atoms.

I truly believe with shrooms dosage has a part to do with it but it also depends on you coming in contact with the right 'tour guide' for you to go places. I think it's a cycle of you dose, you wait, your tour guide comes and THEN the trip begins.

What I experienced on this trip, the places I went were places that I just had a glimpse into when I tripped LSD. In fact after this night all the LSD trips I ever did <which were too many to count> all came together and made sense.

I plan on doing 3 grams tomorrow night again.
The time seems right.

Treat the shrooms with respect and they will deliver you great gifts of knowledge.

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