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000Everything floats

The story I'm about to tell you took place yesterday and perhaps even into the very eary morning today, I'm not sure.

The story I'm about to tell you took place yesterday and perhaps even into the very eary morning today, I'm not sure.

We begin our tale yesterday:

11:00 am: My friend Owen arrives on my doorstep with a big grin on his face and the 1/2 ounce bag of dried shrooms that we had purchased the day before in anticipation of my parents two day trip (as in business trip, not voyage to the land of make-believe).
We sat at the kitchen table and divided up the bounty upon which we had been bestowed, seven dry grams each seemed too much, but not to worry, we had other friends who would share who we expected to arrive shortly.

11:45 am: Our two friends, Jen and Trish arrive.
11:50 am: We re-divide amongst Owen, Trish and myself. Jen decided to simply watch and take pictures (which I hope to have scanned and put up here somewhere once devellopped)
12:10 pm: We prepare ourselves for our trip, trying to set up a sort of guideline as to where we want to go, and what we want to experience (this sometimes works).
12:15 pm: We finally dose.
12:30 pm: Nothing yet.
1:00 pm: starting to experience slight reality loss, this is a good sign!
1:15 pm: We move our little convoy into two separate bedrooms, me and Trish in the one, and Owen and Jen in the other.
1:20 pm: Everything in the room, and I mean EVERYTHING is breathing, exept Trish who seems to be floating off the couch. (I use the term "floating because I can really find no other word to describe this effect) I asked her where she was going, she simply replied "up".
1:30 I begin to experience a similar floating sensation, quite relaxing, kinda like I was in water, but sorta felt lighter (?). Trish begins moving her arms, blabbing on and on about the trails and colors, although I didn't see it, I still found this trippy because from my point of view, she was still floating, but did not seem to realize it yet.
2:00 pm: By this time, some of the smaller items of furniture began to appear as though they were lifting up off their bases and remained floating in the air. This was extremeley cool, especially with the fishtank and the lava lamp (I have many such trippy things in my personal living space).
3:00 pm: Owen floats into the room followed by a little green elf, who after I blinked, turned out to be Jen. She was not floating, but seemed somehow different (?). She then decided to flash the camera in my face and blind me. This had quite the trippy effect because It looked like several flashes were going off sequentially, as opposed to just one flash.
3:05 pm: Once my vision cleared And I looked around, it would seem that in the time I was blinded by the flash, all the furniture in the room had taked the opportunity to float from it's firm base and into the air. It was like fuckin mary poppins' tea party or somehing!
4:00 pm: Everything's was still floating and Owen would not shut up about the carrots. Neither myself or anybody else including Owen himself have any idea which carrots he was refering to.
5:00 pm: Everybody suddenly became very hungry. We ordered pizza.
5:30 pm: Pizza delivery guy shows up. He was not floating, but he did seem to realise that we were. He found this rather amusing and laughed. I went into my parents room to get cash for the food, to find all the faces on the bills were engaging in conversation, but pretnded to be unconcious as soon as I walked in the door.
5:40 pm: we begin eating.
6:oo pm: still eating.
6:30 pm: still eating.
7:00 pm: Finished eating. Owen goes to lie down on the couch. Falls asleep.
7:10 pm: Jen leaves for home. Says she's bored. Or at least boring is what I thought. Me and trish return to the room with the flating furniture to discover that it had returned to land. Trish did not believe it was ever floating to begin with.
7:30 pm: After an interesting conversation about walnuts or something, we begin making out. I don't know why it had never occured to us to do this before now, but right then, it seemed to make alot of sense.
8:00 pm: Still making out.
8:30 pm: sex.
9:00 pm: Trish falls asleep on the bed, I turn on the TV and watch a nature special until I too fall asleep.
11:00 pm: Owen comes into the room and wakes us up by yelling the word "tambourine" very loudly.
11:05 pm: I had kicked owen out of my house for being such an ass and interrupting my quite interesting dreams of rats that go "beep beep".
8:00 am: I wake up to find my house empty of all visitors and the two rooms quite the mess. I clean up and go back to bed.
I finally woke up at around 3:00 pm with the greatest feeling and called everybody to get their outlook on the evening. Their stories should be posted here sometime within the next couple of days.

Happy trippin'!

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