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"Green, blue, and brown, liberty goodness"

The weekend was comming up, and 2 friends of mine wanted to have a good weekend.

The weekend was comming up, and 2 friends of mine wanted to have a good weekend. So i decided to call up one of my friends so they could hook us up with some mushrooms.
I called her and she said that she was only going to get ok mushrooms and i said that was fine, it was my friends first trips on mush. Friday roles along and i meet up with my friend, and she has this big happy smile on her face, i walk up to her and she says, "guess what i picked up, a whole bunch of green, blue, and brown liberty goodness." She pulls out 13 grams of liberty caps, which were, green, blue, and brown,goodness.

We decided to pop them on saturday morning at around 10 o'clock, and then take some more about 2-3 hours into the trip. This being their first time, (i was worried about the effect or trip they would have because of the potency of these liberty caps.)

9:55am - So anyway, we go down to fishcreek provincial park to pop the mushrooms and we sat down by one of those sewer exits that flow into the river. I bought 5, and so did they, but i took all mine, which was not a good idea, they only took 3.5. While we were waiting for our mush to kick in we decided to smoke a few of the 12 joints we had rolled up the day before to make our wait more enjoyable. We decided to make our way into the forest, which was about a 15-20 minute walk, and ther was a bridge crossing the river to our destination.

10:15 - We were comming up to the bridge and the mush was starting to kick in for the two of us, me and jason. I felt a slight tingle in my legs and back and the ground was starting to look a little weird. I was surprised, because these were kicking in faster for me than usual.
As we stepped up the front of the bridge, it starting stretching and twisting slightly, i was amazed by this because i had never seen something to that extent before, and because jason was expieriencing the same thing. Dustin on the other hand, was complaining becuase he wasnt feeling anything yet, he was just trippin out on his pot. He had anoter thing comming.

10:35am - After gazing at the bridge for 10 about ten minutes we continued on our journey across the bridge, looking down at the water in amazement as if flowed by. Jason kept mentioning how it felt liek we were on a boat, i told him i heard him the first time. Dustin just looked at us.

10:55am - we starting walking on the trails, and thats when the mush started kicking in a little bit more. Jason was off in the bushes staring at the grass and muttering things with dustin.
I walked up under a tree and looked straight up. I can tell you know that these mushrooms were nothing like id had before. The branches starting curling out and coming down closer to me like they were going to grab me, i got frightend by this and stepped back a couple feet, only to bump into a jogger passing by. I turned around to say sorry , but just when i looked at her face, it starting turning, twisting and stretching in all diffrent dirrections, i suddenly got scared and ran down the path to meet up with jason and dustin who had wondered ahead. Jason told me he was stating to feel the effects. Dustin - was still complaining.

Destination - We were headed to a place called the ice caves, a place that is well covered by trees and vegatation, with a little square seeting area with a sort of indented cave in the hill that went back about 4 feet or so and was around 3 feet high. A little creek flowed infront of us , and there was a field with a hill at the other side with green red and yellow bushes, quite trippy i though. The weathe was a bit over cast..but that was to change later on in the afternoon.

11:25am - we had reached our little spot and decided to sit down, and munch on some of the things we brought in our backpack. Dustin sat down in the little cave, lit up a joint, and told me to go in.
So we laid back nad just sat and listend to music out of the big headphones i had around my kneck and we waited for it to kick in. Jason was just wondering around outside the den staring at everything and not saying much.
Just then, i looked over at dustin, to see his mouth wide open, and his eys gaping. he leaned up and said, "dude! check this out!" he inhaled his cigarette and blew the smoke out. "its blue man! it looks like blue fire!" i looked at the smoke, and he was right, it did look like blue fire, so we sat there watching him blow out his smoke, until he started freaking out because he had "bugs" crawling all over him. Yea, i knew the mush would kick in soon enough.

12:00pm - My body had a huge body high, my legs felt like they were wrapping behind me when i walked and my arms were swinging everywhere, my back had shooting sensations up and down non stop. We had a song playing by radiohead, paranoid android, and it was at the part where they sing "rain down".
At that moment, i was at my peak, i tasted blood in my mouth, so i put my finger up to check, and wat do you know, my hand is covered in blood, i tip my head foward and blood pours out onto my clothes, i looked up at dustin and jason, and they both had blood dripping from their faces, the the hill above the cave had blood dripping off of it, the river was flowing deep deep red. I was shocked, i wasnt expecting it to be this intense. I said to jason and dustin "dude, this is fu***ng intense". They agreed. Although dustin was saying he wasnt having many open eye visuals, he sat on the ground,closed his eyes, then right away, he fell back holding his hands on his head and started screaming and rolling around on the dirt. Me and jason just laughed.

1:30pm - We were getting hungry by this point and the mush was comming in hard. we walked up this grassy hill covered in trees with a little dirt path to go find somewhere to eat. Walking up that hill was hell for all of us, the grass was clinging on to me and grabbing me, everysingle twig and branch looked liek slugs, centipedes, and a variety of diffrent bugs, which i thought was kinda cool.
By this time, i think the mush was gettingto jason, we got to the toip of the hill, and he mentioned he had to leave, it was to intense and he just had to go home and sit by himself, we didnt want him to leave but he insisted. This is when it switched from awsome, to, almost losing my mind.

1:15pm - Dustin suddenly started freaking out, he felt sad because jason left, and he felt he wasnt having a good time,the mush was effecting his emotions greatly, he kept saying sorry and sobbing, on the verge of crying. I was trying to think, but when i concentrated on one thing, it would slip out of my mind, then i would have to find something else to think about so my mind didnt get bored and collapse on itself. I didnt know if i was hungry or not, i wanted to get something to eat but i thought the food was going to attack me. we called our friends to do sumthign with us because we thought we were freaking out to bad, but when we started walking back towards fish creek, i was scared from the trees and bushes, so we turned around to go the main road way but i was scared of the faces that the people were making in the cars as they drove by.(earlier dustin had said he wanted to go see "the exorcism of emily rose" i really wished he hadnt put those thoughts in my mind). So we walked back and forth a distance abotu 100m for 2 and a half hours trying to wear it off.
I thought i was dying, i couldnt think, i wanted it to end, and i felt that the trip was never going to end, because every second felt liek and hour, and dustin was screaming and not being able to handle it, i told him it was jsut the mush affecting his body and it will wear off soon, but he kept saying its to hard to control.

3:30pm - I felt the mush had worn off enough, because i finally felt safe walking back through fish creak, although the mush was still going pretty strong, i was sober enough to control wat i was doing, as we were walking back, the clouds were making shapes, and the grass on the hill was moving from the wind, and it looked like little horses were running through them. My speech wasnt at all alright though, i mentioned to dustin wat we wanted to do but it just came out as jibberish. "dustin do you wan ta geh blet mah?". Then i forgot wat i was talking about, and went on a diffrent topic.

5:00pm - the mush was pretty much worn off, all my motor senses were back and i could speal fluently, with the odd stutter and gibberish, but i was alright, dustin wasnt freaking out and we had met up with jason again, which made dustin feel alot better about him leaving.

All in all, it was an awsome trip, but there were some things that startled me and my friends that we werent expecting. Sorry for the length, i couldnt get it all in their anyway. Hope you enjoy though.


P.S - If you have the chance, get your hands on liberty caps, you will be impressed.

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