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"Dude..your totally covered in blood"..."uh..thats my skin"


well..better start at the beginning.a few weeks ago me and 3 of my good friends came across a neighbourhood basement weed grow..we decided to take advantage and through one nights work we obtained around 4-5 pounds of bud(2.5 after drying) this fresh dope spawned a month long drug binge for the entire area of my city. this mass amount of weed introduced into the drug economy caused soo many good times for many groups of friends. in any case..one of the advantages of free drugs..is the ability to buy more with the money you gain. first off, i had done mush a couple years previous and enjoyed a mild level 1-2 trip with some friends. also, 2 weeks before this night i had enjoyed a level 3 adventure trip at my friends bbq.this time, i wanted a more *intense* experiance for sure. so i picked up a fat ounce of mush off my buddy, and planned a camping trip at a local spot. now consdidering this night was also my 18th bday and i wished it to be a night of memory. we rolled a 9 paper ounce joint of tight BC bud + dubbed it *Apocalyptor*. after the party had been movin along nicely for a while, fire started and such, i sold part of my bag to some buddies..4grams to RO...4grams to K...2grams to J...and 3 grams to R. for myself..i picked all the choice pieces outa the bag..weighed it up...7grams. the most i've ever even considered consumeing. i broke up the mushrooms into a hotdog and munched out nicely. after about 25min or so i felt the heavy mush *drop* onto myself..mixed with the few beers id had earlier, i was feeling just great. just a lil cold...so i climbed into my lawn chair and moved real close to the fire..so close in fact, that i was actully on top of the fire without realizing it. after a few shouts of 'fuck buddy..your almost on fire' i retreated to K's car to chill with some of other kids at the party. this movement to the car would have un precenented results. after chillin for a while with minor trips..we pulled out the 9 paper j..this thing was huge..just HUGE..and on mushrooms..soo big. so we have 6 or 7 people crammed into a car smoking a joint thicker than my arm..the smoke filled the car to the point where i could no longer see my friends..all i could see was white..and i could breathe this white air..and take hits..without even HOLDING the joint. after a few minutes of this crazyness, some of my friends freaked out and fled the car..leaving me K and R to our joint. meanwhile..outside the car, the party continuted on without us..RO solo on mush in a tent chanting to himself.K has decided going on a nature hike is the best course of action, thus..he has dissapeered into the woods. after much trippin eachother in the tent, RO decides to join us in K's car. we're just sitting there, listenin to Led Zepplin - Battle of Evermore..debating life and where we're goin in the future..staring at the northern lights..watching teh sky change shape, color, texture.when RO starts mumuring about how he was 'dead' and 'nothing matters cuz i'm dead..i can do whatever i want..i'm dead...like THIS' *SMASHES WINDOW WITH ELBOW* now...at this point..we're all clearly freaked right out..we're all peaking on these rad tripped tunes..and our buddy is smashin windows! i look over at RO...and hes eating the glass! 'dude..take that shit outa your mouth..your bleeding everywhere..your totally covered in blood' RO = 'uh thats my skin..its coming off'..then before my eyes RO's skin starts melting off his head...then runs right back up onto his skull. as it turned out..there was no blood..but the window was defiently smashed and i was freeezing cold. if you have ever been cold on mush before..it is actully the worst experiance ever. we're just sittin there trying to figure out what the hell just happened. realizing when K comes back to his smashed up car..hes gonna lose it. K comes back...does lose it...crawls into his tent and smokes the $30 roach of the huge joint by himself. for the next 2 hours we sit and trip over what happened..then realize we're freezing...i reach for my sleeping bag..its not there..it was in my friends trunk..who has left now..its 4am and the party had ended while we were listenin to music..RO decides walking home would be the best plan...its about 20km to his house..but he goes. we just all try to sleep..me freezing at my friends feet in their tent..tryin to keep warm somehow...eventully the sun comes up and we all go to *view* the damage..it isn't pretty..we then drive down to the city in order to get some mcdonalds for munchies..and who do we happen apon in hte middle of the road about 5km away...RO..walking..we pick him up and go straight to the bank for the $200 window money. get food. go home. go to bed. happy 18th for me.

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