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!YES!It's lengthy


Me and my friends were gonna have a little shroom party at his house..Since were all in highschool it was kinda hard to obtain money. We were gonna get $60 buck worth but ended up with 50. (i didnt spend a dime!)
One guy couldn' t make it and for some reason my friends let me eat the most shrooms out of them all. I was happy. I chomped em all down( i actually like the taste of dried cubensies..taste like oatmeal) Well we started watching spogebob square pants and my freind B was laughing histarically (his first time). I too began laughing and we all started laughin. For some reason i tried to tell him what it was like to be on shrooms even though he was trippin but he listned to me. He kept talkin about the guy on top of the TV and i said "im the guy on the TV". This tripped him out pretty fukin hard. He was extremely confused. I then popped in some trance (trust me trance and techno are really trippy) it was by Ayla, i suggest u listen to these guys when ur trippin. Any ways the music was trippin me out and bubbles were every where and where all sorts of colors. I then said..guys close your eyes and listen to this music. When the song was over i was flying. I looked down and wondered what i was looking at. I then realised that they were my own legs. I began to laugh..as i was laughin they popped in the movie Final Fantasy :the spirits within(TRIPPY!!!) THis movie tripped me out unbelievably hard. I realized how fake i was. I kept sayin this. My friend suddenly got up and said..lets go outside. I did this because nature is the trippiest thing u could look at. We walked down to this school that is known for trippin. All the cars that drove by had massive trails. They were goin really slow. My friend saw a guy holding a mushroom in the middle of the street and wanted to talk to him. But we assured him he was fake.
At the school i kept seein the alphabet in weird groovy letter all over the groun and they were poppin out at me. Them the ground began to swirl slowly and it ate my friends foot. These kids were playing basketball and it was trippin me out. We went back to this restuarant after talkin to a large metal dinosaur and seeing shapes in the sky. The restuarant was owned by these korean people and they had the TV on. The tv was warping in and out and the sounds were making me laugh. Little aztec drawings all over the ground too. My friend bought an ice cream just so he could look at the colors. We then went into a grocery store to buy some food but we had no idea wut we were doin. I kept saying smart ass comments and being funny.We finnally got to his house and trip began to settle down.
Thnx for reading, sorry it was long.Trippin 4 life.

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