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red hot!!

I was so glad when I got my hands on an eighth of shrooms the night before the Redhot Chili Peppers concert.

I was so glad when I got my hands on an eighth of shrooms the night before the Redhot Chili Peppers concert. I was saving them for my friend and I to split.

As soon as we got to the stadium, we ran for the bathroom, found a stall, and munched them up. This was my first time shrooming so I didn't know what to expect....about 30 minutes later me world became completely alein to me.
Her and I were back in the staduim. The lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots was starting to dance on the stage, odd snake like moves..the lights were changing from pink to green, green to yellow. My head began to float away like a balloon...the room was freaking the hell out of me. All the people's heads down below me were meshing together like black and white snow on a TV screen. there were black, carcoal shadows and creature figures in all the surrounding doorways. I was almost afraid to raise my eyes to the light.

I decided that we needed to move. My friend and I went out and walked around the stadium, through the concrete halls. All these people were walking past me, there eyes were completely black, looking me over. I looked down at me arms and screamed, well I think I screamed. I could see every blue and red vein in my body. My bones, my muscle, I could see it all perfectly clear. I lost all sense of hearing, or speaking. My tongue was completely numb now and I was flying above everyone. at some point, we bought a sprite to share. It felt like a waterfall in my mouth, I could feel myself drooling and spilling it all over cuz I couldn't feel it. then I swore that I peed my pants. I felt my clothes and they were all dripping wet! I looked in a mirror and realized I was dry all over. But then I couldn't take my eyes away from the mirror, I was learning too much..teaching myself things I never knew.

We were out walking again when I found this ice cream scoop next to a food stand, I stole it so I'd have something to grip besides my face and stomach. My friend, I realized, was puking in a trash can, there were people everywhere watching us. The band sounded like shit to my ears. All off beat, they were singing in tongues.
I huddled up against the wall, bursting out, crying and laughing at the same time, screaming at anyone that walked by. Time had no meaning anymore. I couldn't remember to breathe, everything was beyond me and my reach.

The ride home was beautiful, watching the cresant moon talk to the stars. That was a night I'll never forget. I reccomend that everyone tries the great mushroom!

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