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All is possible!

Amount: roughly 5 grams dried Psilocybe cubensis (B+) Set: My apartment, decked out with much psycehdelic garb and Pink Floyd posters Well my friends, if you're a frequeny message board reader you may remember a few rants of mine (FungusFarmer on the message boards) pertaining to my first few mushroom experiences as being incredibly fun, somewhat visual, but rarely reaching a deep level of 'tripping' I'd been hoping to experience.

Amount: roughly 5 grams dried Psilocybe cubensis (B+)
Set: My apartment, decked out with much psycehdelic garb and Pink Floyd posters

Well my friends, if you're a frequeny message board reader you may remember a few rants of mine (FungusFarmer on the message boards) pertaining to my first few mushroom experiences as being incredibly fun, somewhat visual, but rarely reaching a deep level of 'tripping' I'd been hoping to experience. However, the success of my first small experiment with homegrowing magic shrooms allowed me to trip roughy once a week depending on how many cakes had fruited in the past week.

Originally, I had planned to harvest my usual dose (3 grams dried) and spend an evening communing with nature at the local lake (fed ducks & geese while watching amazing patterns in the water last time), watching a Pink Floyd concert (pulse or Live at pomepeii) and smoke bowls with my good friend and roomate J, who was also eating 3 grams.

Well, it turned out that I had a cake full of aborts (small, very potent shrooms that stopped growing) and one with two scraggly shroomies so I tossed them into the pile which I would consume. All in all, it was 3 grams dried and about 15 grams fresh, eaten with a number 4 supersized with Coke from McDs at my lunch break from work, which I took late so I only had to work 45 minutes after returning and therefore could take them early enough to not stay up all night (i get off at 10pm)

After stopping at a local gas station to pick up a pack of cigarettes (though I rarely smoke tobacco, I always smoke a ton when I'm tripping as it feels sooo good and natural), I arrived home with a slight buz and a nice smile on my face. J and I went to a movie store to get something to watch, finally settling on Mission Impossible 2 becuase we figured the cliff hanging scenes would hit pretty hard. Little did I know that I would never watch more than 5 minutes of it, becuase I was stuck in my own little world which is my bedroom.

Since I've spent about a year tripping on some deep DXM trips (the first drug I'd ever tripped on), my collection of psychedelia had grown to include a number of posters, a large blacklight, a green alien face, and a giant tie dye grateful dead skull wall hanging that absolutely came to life under the blacklight. Most of my posters were of the blacklight variety: Pink Floyd marching hammers from The Wall, a mushroom peace sign and the caterpillar from Alice smoking a hooka on a giant Amanita muscaria mushroom.

Anyways, as the effects started to build I felt a deep calm overtake me and my legs began to buzz with a welcome warmness. No serious visuals yet, though I did notice that many objects were starting to 'stick out' more and a friend's plad shirt would knock me over with it's complex pattern. To pass the time I started tearing things up with Team Fortress Classic, a 1st person game where you run around and try to capture the flag as different characters like a medic or soldier, very entertaining to be play.

As the buzzing got harder, I started to notice how 3d the walls looked (in the game) and found myself kicking absolute ass with the greatest of ease. I always play better stoned but when trippin I'm drawn into this online world where survival is not just a game but something to completely focus on.

Eventually the input from the game became a little too much to handle and I dropped back to The Shroomery and started reading around the message boards. By now I had Pink Floyd's Echoes playing with such claritity I felt as if I was at the studio watching Rick, Dave, Nick and Roger putting things together and recording the album. As a rather large Floydian I listened to a lot of Pink Floyd that night (Dark Side, The wall, Division Bell, Animals) and the familiar tunes kept me happy while I watched the world as I know it change.

By this time the visuals were everywhere, though not of the hallucination variety (ie: talking bugs or bunnies), with every turn of my head producing swirls of color and crevices in objects I was looking at were home to flowing rainbows and wavy backgrounds. The body high was wonderful at this point as well, and I seemed to float into another dimension identical to this one but full of color, constant music (had a long playlist set) and only one other human, my friend J.

Walking in with a big smile on his face, J and I talked about the general aura of happiness we seemed to emit, and how we each saw little waves of rainbows and colors occasionally drift around our bodies. Out came Tom Servo the bong (from MST3K, looks just like him) and we proceeded to smoke a massive bowl of pretty good schwag weed (kind is hard to find here.)

This is when time literally stoped for us. The bowl seemed to last all eternity, as every time I looked at the clock it was still 12:03pm, with only a minute passing between each hit. We commented on how we'd somehow lost concept of what time is, only known that it was passing becuase of the occasional hum as the changer moved CDs or the clock ticked away every minute,. The weed brought about a new fascination: smoke clouds were little universes of fascinating pattern that would eventually dissipate and join it's friends along the floor where the other smoke collected. It was at this time that I remembered the cigs, and I could hardly wait to open the pack, as smoking herb and cigarettes are a nice combo, but while tripping mushrooms the three together meld perfectly.

Laying back and smokin the bone, I lit up the bowl again and this time watched the red flame work it's way through the bowl of herb. I spent what seemed like an hour watching the intricate patterns meld and flow (the red hot weed against the dark gray ashes), until I suddenly realized I was taking a MASSIVE hit and immediately started to cough my lungs up. This hit sent me into orbit, with increased visuals and my entire body was buzzing quite nicely.

J went off to start the movie, while I put on headphones and grabbed some Trance music. starting off with Chime by Orbital, I watched my visuals from behind closed eyes and everything began to move with an amazing speed. I watched as cubes and wild geometric patterns with flowing colors melded and bounced off eachother. When I finally did open my eyes I found myself confused as to where I was, having totally forgotten about my body for 5-10 minutes.

It was then that I saw myself in a full length mirror, dorky headphones and all, watching my reflection and all the objects swaying gently behind me. Filled with inspiration, I imagined myself walking through the mirror into another planet. It seemed so real that I realized with a start that I was still back staring at the mirror, almost touching it, but of course there was no way I was going to REALLY go through that mirror.

Another object to hold my attention was the cabinet above my toilet, which is light brown with big gaps between the doors. In the dark space between the doors I saw spinning colors and the occasional rainbow. As another world to explore, I moved my head closer and closer to the gap feeling like I was into the gap, as it looked almost like the inside of a rave in progress. This was also the first time an object had ever taken on character for me, as I felt that that cabinet was alive, treating the inside (where my mushroom jars were) to a special light show humans were not meant to see. She spoke to me, I don't remember what she said but I found myself doing something that now seems ridiculus: I trance danced to the music that I heard coming out of that little box, which seemd like Robert Miles but was really just a little rhythm.

Totally spooked by how deep I was tripping, something I'd never had on mushrooms before (though it was familiar territory with DXM so I was not at all frightened), I laid on my bed and listened to The Wall. In the middle, the music ceased to be a CD and I was Pink hearing it all in my head. The headphones were not felt anymore, and the up and down turns of the music affected my mood just as if it was happening to me. A truly beautiful experience, and just another example of the intimate relationship I have with music as a whole, Pink Floyd in particular.

Throghout the night, I would look at trippy pictures on the 'net, and many times I found myself 'climbing in' and imagining what the shape (trippy cubes and balls and such) would be like if I was inside. On the coming down, about 3am, my mind was still racing with things I wanted to do, but instead I settled myself down onto a couch and watched the last ten minutes of MI2 with my friends and helped myself to a load of cereal.

Eating felt great, as I'd had a bad oral fixation the whole night kept down by smoking cigarettes, but eventually turning to jaw clenching and chewing cereal just was heaven with icey milk and sugary cereal to gnaw on. This was the only negative side effect of the entire trip, and it was mild and not nearly as bad as my experience with ecstasy or high dose LSD.

This level was certainly not as social as the lower levels, and though I yearned to return to the lake, it was too cold and too far to drive in my state. I was very content to be alone, and though I spent an hour chatting online with a good friend, I was happy to be able to terminate conversation when I needed to and return to exploring my mind and it's current state. Low dose shrooms are great for parties, but I would have been overwhelmed and either missed the details or gotten nervous. Also, make sure you are an experienced psychonaut becuase I found that even the thought of homework to be done the next day drew me into a depressed state and would be easy to follow a chain of mistakes I've made and turn into a depressing trip.

All in all, I would not trade this experience for the world, though I hope to try high dose mushrooms again somewhere besides my house, preferably outside but the weather just didn't permit it this time. However, being an experienced grower finding mushrooms is not a problem, just a matter of how much effort I want to produce them. I recommend growing for anyone who wants to get serious with shroomies, as nothing is comparable to watching your babies produce their fruit and offer themselves soley for your self-exploration.

Grover (GroverzNutz@yahoo.com)

Thanks to the shroomery for having such a wonderful community where such peaceful things can be shared and enjoyed by others!

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