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My return to dam

My return to dam Well i went back to amsterdam (very susprising) this time there was five of use, so we were expecting a blast of a holiday, at that point in time my maor adiction to ganja was growing.

My return to dam

Well i went back to amsterdam (very susprising) this time there was five of use, so we were expecting a blast of a holiday, at that point in time my maor adiction to ganja was growing. It was soon to increase from about a quarter a day to a half a day, but i didn't mind.

I also had £700 spending money, this was mostly for drugs of some sort, i had six days to cain it off i was sure i could achieve it. I am quite happy to say that i did, i had over 150 different types of weed and about the same in solid. aslo i experienced cacti for the first time, and mushrooms were taken mostly every night.

After the last mushroom experience, i had decided within a six month period that i did want shrooms again,
and also i wanted another heavy one. i say fuck to the fears of weakness.

After arriving in dam i decided i wanted to drop of my bags, mainly i wanted to make sure my stuff was safe before i got to wasted, to give a shit about it. Tim, stuart, phil and myself wondered over to the botel, while lui went to smokies, the plan was to meet him there. Lui was staying in the bulldog (this soon changed to the winston)

After dumping the bags we marched to smokies, after arriving in smokies i went straight to the bar and brought a beer and some gear and a joint. Then i went and sat down and started to smoke the j while i was building the tute. after the tute was built it was quickly used. I had brough some bubble gum from smokies. Bubble gum is a nice tasting weed, but its a bit mellow, but nice to start the day on. Stronger stuff was to be brought later. After a couple of hours of fun and laughter, usually at someone elses expense, but what can i say, I'M HUMAN. it the normal nature. We did manage to get some american "dude" (as he would probably have put it) on the end of a tute. I had built him a monstor, it would have cained him but he pussied out on it. Then he got well offended that we had handed him this monstor, so tim took it off his hands and popped it with ease, what could i say he's a beast, when i comes to tutes. We videoed the incedent, so i will never forget that experience.

About 2'ish Lui could book in to the bulldog, So we went on a mission walk to find it. We walked for hours and hours trying to find it. As it turned out, it was just round the corner from smokies, so how stupid did i feel. I wanted to walk, thats all i could say

We dropped of his stuff and had a quick smoke in his room, and in the coffee shop down stairs, stocking up on pre-rolled j's (they are the best) and also buying some stronger gear. God knows what i brought, but it was strong, i had some solid, some weed. so i was well stocked for the hunt for mushrooms.

The hunt didn't take that long as we brought shrooms from the bulldog. Phil and stuart got hawiian mushrooms. We marched to the mushroom galaxy, where me and lui broght peoyte. then we marched around amsterdam just stopping in coffeeshop after coffeeshop, smoking stupid amounts. Then we trundled back to the bulldog. After arriving in the bulldog, we decided to go on another mission for shrooms.

I brought thai from the bulldog and a mexican / hawian mix were from elements of nature. The same as last time, so me and tim went on a mission to find some philosophers stones, but there were none about, so we settled for what we had, and started the walk to the bulldog.

Up in Lui's room

Some how the shrooms tasted even more worse than the time before, maybe because they were fresh thai.
After devouring them we sat down listening to music, having a smoke and a laugh, waiting for the first to come up on the shrooms, there was quite a tense atmosphere in the room, probably because the video camera was on record. None of us like being on camera, when we are stonned, but i don't care when i am on shrooms, as i am usually to spannered to give a fuck. After about 10 - 30 mins i was feeling well ill, neausia had set in, i believe i munched the shrooms to quickly. Then next thing i know, i making excusses and leaving the room, aiming directly for the toliet. Where i threw up quite violently, it wasn't a very nice experience. But i knew it wasn't worth worrying about as i kenw i was still going to come up. After a while in the loo i aimed back to the room where i sat down and began to feel ill again, i was fine while i wasn't in that room, but that room was well to intense, it was the looks people i knew were giving me. They were listening to moby. This music was to overpowering so i tried to escape the room again, i knew that i was going to chuck. but i failed to escape, i collapsed into the cupboard and slid down the wall into a ball. Still i was trying to get out that room. Just as i got going, and had almost escaped, i threw up on the floor. (oh well, at least i cleaned it) At this point the room quickly emptyed, except for lui, who was sat their videoing the whole god dam thing (bastard)

After that i felt all light, like i was floating, but my feet were still on the floor. the music had been changed from moby to my mixture mini disc. My legs wobbled as i moved around the room, i think i was coming up.
it was not the peak, but it was no longer bad. i seem to throw up when i get worried or the intenseness get to much for me. Placebo was playing, it was the bonus song from the first album, which is an excellent tune to listen to when you are tripping. I moved over to the window and looked at the clock. All off a sudden i had this massive urge to go out side and see what the streets of amsterdam looked on shroom.

I told the group, they showed concern, but were soon but at ease. It was good that they showed some concern though. So i walked down the stairs and hit the streets, nearly with a huge thud, as i smacked the door, but i managed not to spank. I managed to walk for a couple of seconds. I found a step which was by a door, so i sat on it. and skinned up a reef. I did not walk anywhere as i did not know where i was so i though it was best just to sit, it saves getting lost, mugged or buggered over.

The lights of the street were well intense, the canal looked more alive than ever, as the ripples of the water were just moving so hipnoticly. As people walked past i smiled or laughed at them, but they did not know why i was laughing. So it made me laugh even more. The women's faces looked like snakes or cats, and the male's faces looked like apes, gorrillas and monkeys. So i smoked my reef laughing at the gorrillas. After i finished the joint i decided i need a drink so i moved back into the bulldog. God knows how i found it, but i did, so i brought a drink and sat down. i began to roll again. As i sparked i looked up at the celling and was lost in space i almost burnt the end of my hair, as i forgot about the joint and the lighter. the stars were sparkling and moving around. The rest of the building looked prity dam good as well. so i moved around the bulldog slowly, looking at different thing going into different worlds and coming back from them.

At some point while i was smoking a joint, lui appeared and sat down. i was quite happy to see him, which was a supprise to me. as we did not get on that well before that evening. Which is probably why i felt so intense in that room. we talked about this that and the other for ages. i don't really know what we were talking about as my mind was not really paying attention. My mind was on somethig else, but i couldn't really get a grip on that so i gave up before it became to frustrating.. So we decided to move around the bulldog again speaking to anyone and everyone. At one point i freaked out some girl as i was wasted i was just staring, and at one point got eye contact, but after that she would not look at me again. i found this quite humourous. So i went over to the table and grabbed a lad of their as lui and i were discussing this lad, he was in desperate need of of a tute, as he was well on edge, and needed relaxing. A tute is usually gauranteed to do this. So he sat on our table and popped a monstor of a tute which again i built. This time he was no pussy. Proving to me that not all americans are pussies and that some can manage a tute. after speaking to him, we found out that this was his first time in amsterdam, as his first ever smoke, so it was quite fitting to start him on a tute. So at that point i took it apon myself to enlighten him of the knowledge of mushrooms.
The next day he was spotted by one of our group, he was hammered, smoking lots of gear and also the lad had brought some shrooms.

In the end we had found ourself a little corner in the coffershop, there was this picture on the wall. it was the peak of some mountains and clouds. The clouds started to drift out of the picture and started to fill the corner we were in so all i could do was lye down. Lying in clouds was well relaxings as they moved and rippled through my body.

At some point during the evening phil appeared probably while i was totally out of it. Also the video camera was there, and lui was using it again. But this time it did not bother me, it think i was to spannered to give a dam. Phil looked like a rotting corps, he had maggotts and worms crawling all over him, and when i looked at lui all i could do was laugh, as he looked like the hunchback of Notre dame. We also had two other people on our table, i hadn't a clue who they were and where they came from, but they seemed quite nice. But i didn't want to know much as i was quite happy lying in the clouds smoking dope and rolling plenty of joints.

After that point everything started to sink back into reality, and seemed alive but not as alive as it was. All that was left to do was cain of the remanding amouts of gear.

I know i'm going back to amsterdam, i will be there on around the 13th of May, as it is a friends 18 birthday. So if you see someone walking around with a long leather coat and who has dreads, feel free to come and have a go on a tute, i'm sure i will hit you quite heavily. Who knows i might even build you a monstor. AS for mushrooms, i would be a fool if i never did them again, and for cactus i know that one will be happening alot in my life. AS for dope i think i will just leave that for amsterdam to decide. Which probably means i will be smoking.

AS for lui's room, tim nearly set fire to the place, i threw up on the floor, and the room was a complete mess. LUI booked into the winston the next day, we never got to trip in that room. I wonder why.

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