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Good trip/bad night

This is post concerns a night that occured while I was living in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.

This is post concerns a night that occured while I was living in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. All names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I had recently moved to the Daytona area and didn't know many people in the area other then my partner in crime whom I have known since we were in elementary school. Earlier this same week we had met a reliable dealer by the name of Dale and he hooked us up with a wonderful variety of party supplies.
Dale had recently attended a Gratful Dead concert in Atlanta Georgia (this was a few years back)and had brought back with him some shrooms, lsd, and herb. We purchased a 1/2 oz of shrooms that were completely white except at the stem where they were blue from being broke when being picked, and a hit of acid each (blue unicorn blotter... anyone out there remember this stuff? wow) We originally intended to eat the shrooms only that night, but as the evening progressed our better judgement got the better of us. We each ate 3-4 grams of shrooms and left the rest at home. Feeling rather indestructable about an hour later (as the effects of the shrooms came on strong) we went back home and decided to eat the acid as well. We left home and walked toward the beach at approx. 8:30-9pm and along the way it became apparent this was not going to be a typical night. As we approached the corner of A1A and Broadway we run into Dale (our dealer)who decides to hang out with us since he had the same issues with self control we had experienced earlier.
As we are walking down the sidewalk Dale keeps walking up to normal people saying "hey you all feel like tripping tonight" and such... to all the wrong people... including a 50-ish year old guy who was with his wife and kids. Obviously we had to ditch Dale.
After leaving Dale on the sidewalk trying to sell to every pedestrian that walked past, we headed to the beach. The first thing I noticed that was not "right" was the sound of the waves. They were louder, and seemed to echo to the point that they never stopped making sound. It almost sounded like an applause that never stopped. The next thing that occured to me was regardless of how hard I attempted to focus on other people on the beach none of them seemed to have a face, just a flesh colored empty space where eyes, nose, and mouth should have been. After my friend was done talking to this group of people we walked off and I ask him what he was experiencing. Surprisingly he had (at this time) little to no effects other then the "mind buzz" you get while tripping.
A short time later while chillin on the beach a light rain starts which really sets my journey off. The feeling of the raindrops hitting my skin is without a doubt the most difficult thing about this trip to explain. It felt like I was receiving a total body massage from mother nature herself. I laid there enjoying the bliss for an undeterminable amount of time. The next thing I can remember was my friend shaking me saying something about getting out of the rain. The rain had gone from a light to severe shower and I had not noticed the difference.
We started walking back toward our place and I asked him how he felt, he responded that the effects were more pronounced now. At this time I could still not make out any faces in the crowds of people we passed.
Once we reached the house about 4 blocks away from the beach I sat down on the couch and total lost myself for in the woodgrain paneling on the walls. This was at the time my most intense trip, and I never quite believed that shrooms or lsd could make the woodgrain move. And movement in the woodgrain wasn't all, it seemed as though the patern was moving to try to spell something out, like it was trying to tell or teach me something. During this time I also noticed the shadows on the wall moving. Expecting Gary was in the kitchen and bumped the hanging light over the table I got up to see what he was doing. As I walked the 5 or so feet to the kitchen entrance I was amazed at how fast the world was rushing toward me. I was walking extremely slow, but it seemed that I was moving at speeds not humanly possible. Once I was able to regain my thoughts, I noticed Gary was not in the room as expected. I turned around to head to another section of the house and again noticed the shadows moving, but not just side to side... but in and out.. getting closer and farther... smaller and larger. I tried to figure what was causing this and went as far as inspecting the lamp in the kitchen that generated the shadows, because I had never seen such a thing I was truely amazed.
My train of thought back on course I went to find my friend which was camped out in the bathroom locked in a trance with our vanity mirror. When I walked in there he stood, giggling. Not sure what he saw or what was so amusing but it instantly became apparent that I was not the only one who was amazed by these sensations.
After getting his attention, he returned to the livingroom and commented on the time. It had seemed as though we had been going all night, but the clock stated it was only 11:30pm. We sat around and tried to talk each other back to reality some, neither of us had experienced anything even remotely simular to this. Gary asked me to turn some music on at one point, which sounded like a great idea. I turned to grab a CD and couldn't find the storage case. I lost my train of thought for a few minutes before I got back on track. I decided to turn on the radio instead and got up crossed the room to find the stereo wasn't there. I went back to the sofa and sat down. A few minutes later I decided to turn on the TV and channel surf, I looked everywhere for the remote and couldn't find it. So I got up and walked to the TV only to discover that it also was not there. Confronted by this I merely said damn and walked back to the couch and sat down. We talked for a long time after all this and Gary commented that he had to take a picture of my eyes because they were so dilated, having absolutely no color to them. He gets up and disappears to the back of the house to get his camera. I am sitting in the livingroom alone zoning out on the woodgrain, shadows, and such when a light catches my eye from the window. When I pulled the shade back to see what it was I was startled to see a huge fire burning right outside my window. Yelling for Gary to come because I think the house was burning I turned around to find him looking over my shoulder with a confused look on his face. When I said the house was on fire I broke his train of thought, he was just about to say something, but lost the thought. As we stood there he pulled back the shade and there was nothing outside but darkness. At this point I know I am totally tripping out. I sat back down and shut up outta fear I was gonna say something stupid again (like the house is on fire). A few minutes later Gary says to me "man did you move my camera?" No I replied, why? He sits there for what seems like an eternity in deep thought trying to figure out what he wants to say next. I start laughing at him and did not hear what he said the first time. After I finally get control of myself I ask what he said. Still with the same zoned look on his face he says to me in a real matter of fact monotone voice "I think we were robbed". I sit there for a few minutes trying to grasp what he just told me. After talking about it for a few seconds we decide to get up and look around. As I stated before the TV, stereo, his camera equipment was missing. A more through inspection revealed a missing microwave, VCR, and approx $400.
We also found an open window in a back bedroom where the intruder entered our house. As well as a piece of a broom stick handle the intruder brought with him incase he confronted anyone when he entered.
After some discussion we decide we need to go find a police officer. While a normal person might use a phone, this was Daytona beach during spring break.... there was a cop on every corner of all major intersections along A1A.
So off we went to find an officer to report this to. Along the way I am telling Gary that this is a bad idea, we are way to out of it to be dealing with the cops. He keeps saying we'll be fine, but in a way that I know he is trying to convince himself as much as me. As we approach a corner we both see an officer standing there with another talking. I say to him I can't do this and stop in my tracks and walk the other way. I am at this time still experiencing huge visual and auditory hallucinations. I walked about 50 feet the other way and figure I would watch my friend get his ass arrested for public intox at the very least. I stand there and casually watch him approach then pass the officers. He kept walking till he was completely out of sight. I stood there for what seemed an eternity waiting for his return when he walked up behind me to say we should go home. We returned to the house at around 1:45 am and had a very enjoyable trip despite the nights unfortunate incidents. We both had extreme trips that did not end till well after noon the next day (attributed to the acid I suppose, though the shrooms sure did make it interesting in the early hours of this journey) We talked about it the following day when we were sober and decided not to even reporting the theft. Almost 15 hours had passed since we had discovered the items missing, and our neighbors had seen us coming and going that night. It would be hard to explain waiting 15 hours to report a crime, and probably would have been accused of an insurance scam.
If there is any moral to this story I'd say it is never let what goes down around you bring you down while tripping. This could have easily turned real ugly (bad trip)for either of us if we had not kept a level head. Despite the incidents that almost destroy this night I still remember it in a positive way and would give it a overall rating of 4 for the trip. Take care.

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