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this feels right...

normally with shrooms, ill get an eighth and split it with somebody.

normally with shrooms, ill get an eighth and split it with somebody. when me and two friends went to florida for vacation though, we got a half ounce of them, which divides out to be a lot more than half an eighth if we each took our share in two doses, which we did. to be sure, none of us were prepared for what happened.
first, we made some weed brownies and sat around for a while playing videos games and feeling fucked up. then we split up our shrooms evenly and each of us took half of ours. then we smoked a bowl or two and went to check out a nearby park that sounded cool. on the way we spotted a store called the shroom palace or something that gave us all a big kick. by the time we reached the park, we were starting to trip some. it turned out the park was a lot bigger than we expcted and we suddenly didnt feel like walking to the main park area, so we sat just off the driveway for a bit, throwing a frisbee. then we decided to go back, which is when all hell broke loose.
i dont think we said a thing the whole walk back. i remember just staring at the ground and watching it move and feeling like laughing. noone could stop grinning like mad. when we got back we smoked a little more and started playing some video games. it was at this point that i knew i was fucked up because i got the "vine effect."
when i do acid, floor tiles, and pretty much anything that has any semblance of pattern in it (the palm of the hand is the best), look like they are growing and twisting together, like some super-charged vine tree on time lapse photography. i never got this effect with shrooms, until now.
the floor was literally crawling with shit which was very cool. my friends' faces looked warped, like they were all out of some picasso drawing, everyhting out of proportion. when i went to the bathroom, everything in my vision seemed to go red and i thought i was bleeding all over the floor (ive heard this is a sign that you've eaten too many, i just found it damn funny).
at some point, we stopped playing video games and everyone was totally quiet forever, lost in our own trip. i think we might have sat in our chairs for an hour or two without saying anything. we smoked a lot of weed too. at one point, my friend rusty leaned back in his chair and it tipped over. me and my other friend brendan started laughnig our asses off. rusty stood up and goes "that was the best thing that's ever happened to me." it was a fuckin riot! then he went over and stood next to the wall and leaned his head on it. he said "man, this feels right." so of course me and brendan both tried it and agreed that it definitely did feel right.
unforunately, rusty started to have a bad trip. he kept saying he felt like something had to happen, that we couldnt just sit there in silence. he started flipping out and saying that he had no idea what was going on and he didnt even know his name. i was having a great trip so i assured him it was all cool and said we could go somewhere if we want to, ill drive. i told him i knew exactly what was going on (which was true in a wierd tripped out way) and that it was no big deal.
i must've been really fucked up because i have no idea what we did after that. i think we drove somewhere but i dont know where or why. this was all in the afternoon too, so i know we went out that night but i dont know where to. kinda sums up our entire trip to florida actually...

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