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nightmare first time

Never take this advice lightly, ("DON'T TRIP WHEN YOUR HAVING PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE!

Never take this advice lightly, ("DON'T TRIP WHEN YOUR HAVING PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE!!!!") (I just broke up with this girl i really care about because she cheated on me with my best friend) It was my first time, i never expected shrooms to be like this at all, i just thought u see shit thats not there, but fuck i thought i would know what i halucinated and what was real, i went to a party with my best friend, he does shrooms every weekend, when we got there, i went to the washroom and when i got back my friend said instead of weed you want to buy shrooms, i was dying to try them so i said hell yea bitch, i was supposed to buy them off his friend the night before, but it was downtown and we werent sure if he was home because he wasnt answering his phone, well anyways we were at his party and i bought 8 grams we each had 4, i thought it tasted fuckin nasty but i plugged my nose and used chasers,

ok 10 mins later i started to feel gross, i walked into the bathroom i looked in the mirror, I WAS FUCKIN FREAKED AT WHAT I SAW, My ex was suckin my other friends dick, i smashed the mirror tryin to punch him, and i heard everyone laughin, i reached for the bathroom door handle and missed then i slid my hand to it, i walked out, i was in a fuckin cartoon the walls kept commin out and whispering shit, i walked into the living room, the guy that was having the party said what the fuck, why did you break the mirror, he slapped me, then he turned into my ex girlfriend, she told me i was really bad at sex and she pulled out a knife, i said what the fuck you doin you dumb bitch, she went to stab me but it was really the guy that was having the party punchin me in the face, i ran back into the bathroom to look in the mirror then i realized it was broken, i put my hands on my face my hands were covered in blood, then a dog came up to me and said dude ur goin crazy, i will take ya home, i just fuckin cracked up laughin, i couldnt stop, we went out front to the dogs car, the dog turned into a tall black figure, we got in the car, while we were drivin, the black figure told me that i was wrecked, i said who are you the black figure turned into my ex girlfriend on my other bestfriends lap, i siad wut the fuck and i started crying i dont know how i started crying but i did, i asked if she could do that and steer, she was giving him a hand job, my exgirlfriend told me to snap out of it, i sat lookin into the mirror on the side of the car, it turned into a portal it started suckin me in i closed my eyes and all i saw was my ex girlfriend, laughin at me, i slid my hand down to the door handle, opened it as fast as i could and it looked like the car wasnt moving i fell out the car door i woke up in the hospital with a 2 broken arms and a broken leg 3 broken ribs, this was the next day, i decided i will never try shrooms again but hey just because i had a bad trip doesnt mean you will.
the black figure was the guy that had the partys older brother,

what can i say maybe it was just a bad first time but im not doin shrooms until i am in a really fuckin good mood

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