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Me and Zif

This was my first time taking shrooms, last thursday.

This was my first time taking shrooms, last thursday. I had about a mouthful, which i chewed profusedly and wrestled down into my stomach, amazed at how truly disgusting they were. After drinking some orange juice to kill the taste, I put on a Mozart cd I had (in loop) and started reading some comic books I had lying around, although I'm not much of a comic book fan. After reading one entire comic book, I began reading another, this time a Superman. As I read it, I noticed that if I looked at a picture, then looked at it again, it was not exactly the same. Colors of clothing would change, and to a certain extent the facial expressions got more graphic. It had begun.

I laid back on my bed and put the comic down, worried that I had taken too much. The music was pushing all the colors in the room all over the place, creating sort of a sloppy gel all over the walls and ceiling. As I watched this phenomenon, I found a startling realization: I was disintegrating. Actually, it was a combination of disintegrating and shrinking, because I saw things around me becoming larger and larger, and the music became increasingly dynamic. Body parts began disappearing: my feet, legs, hands, arms, face, and chest, until I knew that I was nothing but a heartbeat, which was slow, steady, and harmonious with the mozart.

When I was completely finished dissolving into nothingness, I looked around. Actually, I didn't look around because I didn't really exist, but bear with me when I say that I noticed my surroundings. There was lots of colors, but the one thing that grabbed my attention was a large sky-blue orb. Investigating the orb, I found a pea-sized hole, an entrance. I zipped through easily enough, considering I didn't exist, and inside was the leather couch that's in my room. Sitting on the leather couch was a tree-fish-ant-person, who identified itself as Zif. I took a seat.

I'm going to do my best to explain Zif, because this is going to be somewhat difficult. Zif was mainly tree, but all of its "branches" came together in a large ball in the middle. On the end of each branch was a piece of human anatomy: finger, eyeball, nose, tooth, etc. All of the branches except one, where a small goldfish sat. The goldfish part was the talking part. Zif was able to experience everything at one time, an amazing feat, and I was truly humbled in its presence.

Zif and I spoke for a long time. It expained that all of reality is really one united thing, and that one united thing is part of a larger thing, and so on. This was the concept of infinity, because these larger things continue to be parts of other things forever. Zif then explained that in this way, not only are we the most humongous thing ever, but also the most minute. It was a stunning concept. I telepathically asked Zif where I was, and it said that I was still lying on my bed. I then said that if I was on my bed, then why was I there communicating with it, learning the answers of existence? It told me that this was the key that I must unlock for myself. I morphed my way over to the bed, which wasn't far from the couch, and saw myself lying there. I asked Zif if I was okay, but when I looked back at the couch it wasn't there. I then realized that I was looking out of my own eyeballs, and that I was back in my body. From there, things started to come down, but that was the most remarkable part of my experience.

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