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Well first off let me explain the enviroment for this place.

Well first off let me explain the enviroment for this place. Even Further is an electronic music festival that happens every year (usually in wisconsin.) There is music 23 hours a night for 3 days. Therefore there is camping involved. Security is regulated by 40 year old mullets and other old men on golf carts. They didn't seem to work, one guy me and my friend saw looked like he lost almost all his motor skills like in Fear and Foathing in Las Vegas. The place was about 3 square miles and had a very beautiful small lake.

On the second day at the festival me and my friend both had aquired some mushies. We both ate em. After I ate, I went out for a walk. I soon ran into a person with a really good deal on a vile of cid so I checked it out and made a happy purchase. The sun was begining to set and I returned camp and found my friend laying out enjoying his shrooms. He was rambling on about how everything was going fast forward. Seeing that this place was a rave wasteland me and my friend added some, I mean a lot of spice to the trip with my new purchase.

About an hour later we went to go dance to some jungle and see some other acts. He went back to his tent "to get things back together" while i went to the main stage. Now come the turn of events that will make me who I am.

About an hour later all hell broke loose. Rain hit really hard and out of nowhere. I soon found myself running down the gravel road towards my tent. When i looked behind me I saw water rushing towards me. I have never in my life felt like Indiana Jones more than than that. So I jumped up to the hill and zipped into one of the tents. I now find myself in the wrong tent and apologize to residents. Now I'm in the correct tent with my sister and my two friends. We are all incoherently intoxicated. After talking about how wierd the situation is I decided that I didn't want to sit in a small tent dirty and wet. So i left the tent.

I ran to the main stage when the dj was playing and to a horrible suprise i saw a naked man jumping through a flash of lightning. By this time there were so many puddles i was lucky my knees were still dry. I tried getting into the main stage but it was a wall of human flesh. NO way at all i was getting in. I ran back to my other friends tent (camped next to mine.) There I laid back in awe staring at complexities of the cieling of the tent for a long time.

By now the effects have mostly worn off and I'm left with that "cracked out" feeling. It's about 30 more minutes till day light and I went out to have a smoke. Both me and my friend from the other tent came out at the same time. We were both wet,cold and extremely cracked out. Much to our suprise we found we weren't the only ones. Some other cracked out fellows had started a very nice fire consisisting of two couches. From there we saw one kid who had the most confused expression on his face. He was fanning his shirt to help dry it by the fire. This kid was literally a smoke factory. It was billowing out this guys shirt. (Extremely hilarious at the time) There was also some disgusting fellow who couldn't get of the same topic of conversation. I swear every minute this guy was talking about some "Crystal meth monster bleedin' out of his ears!" He was a real douche bag. Right after making fun of that guy my friend sputtered " Oh my God! He's real!" He pointed to a guy socializing with others. Then I realized it was the guy who looked like he was on ether from earlier in the day. I almost died laughing.

Once we dried off we tried roasting wienies off the burning couch. One of the dorkiest mullets stopped next to me in his golf cart and said "Killer hotdog." Trying to hold back all my laughter i somehow managed to get out " yeah." He drove off. Our hot dogs weren't cooking really fast. Then we got advise from the Almighty Hotdog Cooker, he pointed to a spot in the fire, he said " This is where you'll get results."

The hot dogs were good that morning.

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