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I hear Rhyme's

I love the Shroomery!

I love the Shroomery! This just took place!!!

I’ll cutt to the case here. I eat many shrooms (Psilocybe caerulipes). I stroll off into
the living room. I see the ocean suspened above the world out side the window. I fall
down on the floor by a rather green object (me thinks it was a chair). It turns to me and
waves back and forth for a moment. I hear something...I press my ear to the green
surface... I hear music.... I hear muffled words.... The words become clear, and
loud. The “chair” said, “People smoke weed and sit in me. I’ve had some time to think. I’ll
tell you a little story OK?”

he spoke very fast with no breaks, rapping this huge rhyme, and it all seemed to go
together. here is a small portion of what it said to me, (this might not be verbatim)

“You got to bop bop bop and you cant stop rockin till the beat starts jamin in
Japan or Alabama and the Chinese rowing the row boat going, to the road show, to slow,
got to wear the Mossimo, T-shirt, sweater cause life feels better where it’s hotter in the
water and damn I think I ought to go to Mexico, Bahamas where the big titty mama run
free in the sand and the San Huan kissing me, heck with life here cause life is pissing me
off cause the army and the navy the alliances try to make you buy big cars and big

Shrug it off, lug it off, sure and say it’s nothing but you fast forward twice and hit the
replay button it a rip tide running jump on or jump off it, it’s a big scary monster and it’s
going for your profit.

It’s weed. W-E-E-D or if you spell it shorter it a P-O-T, you can use any letter
from the A to the Z, its not complicated, in fact very elementary. Diddley diddley do bop
bop and use the bong, the hit’s a little smoother but the hit’s a little strong. It’s a hard hard
world and damn don’t you know it but weed is expensive and your wallet’s guna show it
in the end my friend now where did I begin? I got lost when I was talking bout the days
when I was walking down the street with my feet, it was hot in the heat, sit down and take
a seat, apple pie I wana eat.

Till the president roles up rolling in his Rolls-Royce, I pull out a Pesi he pulls out
Presidents Choice. I should have known that the president was cheap. From all the nickels
and the pennies that he keeps in his locket in his pocket and I’m talkin like a rocket, and I
want some Betty Cockett, but hey you know what fuck it.

I better slow down this ho-down, this sewped up low down black Caddalack of a
song gone wrong, hit the gong, hide the bong, turn off Cheech and Chong, I here the
Po-leece comin with their blue lights hummin and the drum drum drumming of the judges
hammer guna put me in the slammer.

Cause man I ain’t joken, this weed that I been smokin, I been choking from the
tokin, in my vein it is soakin. Sure I’d offer you some fumes but your way fucked up on

Thats about all I can remember, sorry folks. I can’t believe I remember as much as
I do. It just stuck in my head when the “chair” started to burn a fat one...OH SHIT! IS THAT A FUCKING CAT?!?!?

Lock (the goats got my boots) Holiday.

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