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A Danish Trip

A couple months ago, I was in Denmark visiting friends, and I had previously discovered a shop in Copenhagen which sold everything organic (not in Christiansen).

A couple months ago, I was in Denmark visiting friends, and I had previously discovered a shop in Copenhagen which sold everything organic (not in Christiansen). I visited the place, and enjoyed a conversation with the attendant there, examining the wonderful species on display. There were other americans there gawking, asking thousands of questions. I purchased 3 dried grams of Psilocybe cubensis , thinking I would like to try a smaller trip since the last time I had consumed was almost a year past. I was travelling in DK with a friend, whom also purchased 3 grams.

We drove then to northern part of the country to be trip in a city surrounded by the ocean on three sides, in a forest.
There I consumed the mushrooms along with orange juice, and continued exploring the forest I had chosen, the tree's protecting the seas' winds from chilling me. I explored the forest for about 10 minutes, before retreating to our vehicle to sit down and listen to some music, having grown bored of walking. A couple minutes after sitting, the psychadelic experience began. I experienced an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, and I was trying to fight off some nagging paranoia trying to take over. The abruptness from a normal conscience to that of a dream-like state allowed me to recognize the shift, permitting me to think about the process. As I analyzed, it seemed as if that as the mushrooms digested, my conscience seemingly in accordance sinked further from it's normal percieving state, and my body battled the mushrooms attempt to subject my will to it's dream-like world.

After sitting in the car for a few minutes, I could no longer sit still as the power of the mushrooms had begun in full force to alter my consience and being. It was a bit nerve wracking, and I wished for my conscience to be free and in my control rather than being melted, so I walked back into the forest, trying to keep my head clear. For the next hour I walked all over, doing my best to prevent the mushrooms from taking control. The contingent result was naturally panic (fearing destruction as the self as I knew it, which would hold true as myself is a different self from that when I'm affected by mushrooms). I walked, and walked, as the mushrooms slowly won ground as they always do, and I'm always afraid during the process.

By the second hour, I gave in to the mushrooms, sitting upon a tree stump in the forest, and panic left, and my natural day to day conscience/being/self, and all my falacies, had gone, and the new me, my pure me, was awaken. It felt (and I use felt in the way not of chemical perceptions, but of the truest feeling which cannot be lied to) as if my soul had been totally cleansed. I had no longer any reason to be embarrassed of myself. I was free from the limits that were normally placed upon me in living, the sin that had been built up in me was washed away, all my insecurities erased, and I was finally once more at peace with nature. As I sat on the tree stump, anybody passing by I'm sure would've seen a man with a smile on his face of total innate joy and serenity. I take no pride in that statement, it's simply fact. I bet somebody walking down that path in the forest would've thought I was a forest spirit, sitting in utter peace, basking in the love of existing.

As I sat, a tree was before me, a great oak perhaps, I don't recollect. Regardless, it served as a base to which a divine spirit, if not the divine God himself, communed to me in a language not suitable for words. This of course is all naturally questionable, any divine experiences while on mushrooms are always subject to scrutiny or ridicule, though I don't really care, nor really know myself if it was indeed a spirit communing with me. What I do know is that sitting there, I was filled with the experience of living through the Bible. It came in moments. One moment I understood with understanding I'm not capable of normally the message attempting to be imaged in Genesis, of man losing touch with God, and how sad it is for man to willingly leave that relationship. I don't really remember much of the experiences related to the Bible after that, oh well. Anyway, I continued to bask in the utter delight of having nothing to hide. The environment was wonderful - a very wet and fresh forest, the sound of the ocean nearby, and bit of wind blowing the branchs overhead, creating an orchestra of beautiful natural music, and the time was around 4pm. I could've sat in that forest forever (or so it seemed), in complete bliss. When I walked around, I felt so pure that I thought if I were to glance down, I would see vegetation growing at my feet as I stepped - I didn't look since I didn't feel a need to.

I decided to walk around the city now, a small city it was, of perhaps only a few thousand people. From somewhere nearby I heard the sounds of people dancing in chant, though I didn't venture fourth to see them as I wanted to avoid others (innate instinct to avoid "normal" people while one is tripping, out of fear of being "caught" or thought insane). As I passed people on a bridge, other's existences seemingly were singular rather than divided amonst various organs, thus composing a biological machine. I looked upon others as spiritual wholes, and seemed if I wished to concentrate, I would be able to know their thoughts, for I saw them as they are. All colors of course were sharp, and almost pastel-colored like. I saw the fields of color I normally see around people while on mushrooms, the brilliant scintiliating hue's about one's skin. As I began to land, I was a bit numbed. I tried to eat some pizza, though couldn't - I was a bit too uncomfortable sitting inside a place with walls and a cieling. And needlessly I was becoming more aware of people staring at me. Anyway, later as we drove away back into Copenhagen, as I came down, I was full of energy and love for existing. We later partied late into 6am in the morning with friends, drinking and dancing with boundless energy, though slowly and suredly, sinking back into my day to day routines, and returning to my normal state of a sinful mind. Oh well.

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