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My first trip,ho-hum

This was my first trip, it was a lot of fun, but not life changing or anything.

This was my first trip, it was a lot of fun, but not life changing or anything.
I ate just under an eighth of shrooms at 9pm and smoked a million bowls over the night.

About fifteen minutes after I ate the shrooms I was playing cards as it was starting to hit, I kept on playing out of turn and generally doing stupid things. It was kind of embarressing since I did not know the people I was tripping with that well, and I did not want to seem like too much of an idiot.

I went and sat down and just chilled in a room with a bunch of people, then it really picked up. People were having conversations, and none of them really made sense at all. Almost everyone complained of being "confused" and I was noticabely disoriented. I was not sure whether it was the other people in the room actually not making sense, or just the shrooms fucking with my mind. The entire time I could tell that I had a huge smile on my face, but I did not say shit.

We listened to pink floyd for a while which was really cool, but I guess pretty generic. I really got into the music, it was so wonderful. When I'm sober I think pink floyd is really boring, I don't even like it when I'm stoned. But when I was shrooming it was amazing.

I could see beauty in people, and this was the best part. I could see the beautiful aspects of certain people, which is kind of hard to explain, but it was amazing.

The entire time I had to really concentrate if I wanted to understand anything, but I knew in my mind it was just the drugs, and I never got really afraid of losing my mind or dying or anything.

We watched a movie which was amazing too, I got so into the movie, emotionally, like I was right there.

I would lose sense of where I was, the room would change sizes and shapes, which was really cool.

The only unpleasant part was that I kept imagining that I was wetting my pants. I must have looked at my pants like 100 times to see if I had peed myself, which, thankfully, I hadn't.

Also, when I talked I thought what I was saying made sense, and but I guess when they came out of my mouth all my thoughts ran together. That was a little embarressing.

I went to the bathroom just to make sure I wouldn't and it was a rather amazing experience. My "member" was like merged with my hands or something, I was lucky to make it into the toilet.

One other problem caused by the shrooms was that I had some difficulty smoking pot. One time when a pipe was being passed around, I was not sure whether I took a hit or just imagined taking a hit. The next time it came around I made sure I actually smoked, but I kept sucking and sucking. I think that I might have actually like took a monster hit, and like filled up my lungs with smoke more than is humanly possible, or it might have been my imagination. I had this problem all night when I tried to smoke pot.

I decided to go to bed at around 1:30 am, and by this time my trip was basically over, although I was seeing weird things on the posters on my dorm-room wall and even when I closed my eyes.
The next morning I felt fine, although I was a little fatigued. By afternoon I felt completely normal and have not notived any changes in myself what-so-ever since my trip.
I actually wish the trip would have been longer and more intense, so I guess I'll eat more next time.

I know this was a pretty boring trip, but I felt like writing it down before I forgot all this shit.

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