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i was perfect

after going hunting with a friend and finding a huge fucking mushroom, almost a foot wide, and couple other caps, we drove down to my friend Jane's house, whose parents were out of town, and we mixed the shrooms in a blender with some koolaid and a whole shit load of sugar.

after going hunting with a friend and finding a huge fucking mushroom, almost a foot wide, and couple other caps, we drove down to my friend Jane's house, whose parents were out of town, and we mixed the shrooms in a blender with some koolaid and a whole shit load of sugar. i split it with my friend Nick and Sarah, and gave a small cup to Jane. i dont know how much shrooms we took, maybe about 2 cups of purple ringers.
there were about ten people there, we were chillin and conversing, playing on the swings waiting for the magic to kick in. after about 15 min, i started to feel the warm, light buzz flow through my body. Nick and Sarah werent feeling anything. i started seeing the grass come to life swaying softly and brightly in scrambled patterns. we went back to the lanai where everybody was, and somebody decided to bring out a can of duster (the gas that gets you really fucked up and makes your voice sound deeper) i hate doing that shit cause its so bad for you but i coulnt help myself and took a huge hit. 3 seconds later and the intense fuzzy rush overpowered me, i let out a laugh and my voice was so messed up, it sounded like i was in slow motion. i gazed into the space in front of me and noticed everybody was staring at me.
then the real rush from the duster came, and then everything that was in the table in front of me Exploded into a whole bunch of little pixel like dots, everything was scattered into tiny grains of chaos, which was something i was not expecting, i totally freaked out and i jumped out of my chair and started screaming. LOL and it was so fucking hilarious cause i was screaming but my voice was fucked up so i sounded like a monster or something. then i started laughin cause everybody looked really scared, i sounded like a wicked demon!
after that i was getting kind of paranoid cause my lungs felt really weak and i couldnt breath right from the duster. and all the people that were there were all old friends i used to hang out with all the time, and they were acting immature, like they didnt care about anything, and it was just so old, it made me feel really uncomfortable. so i left and went off to my gf's house. i was walking to my car and i felt like i was really high, i was starting at the grass and it was swirling in the ground, and shiny cars were zooming by leaving some crazy trails. As i was driving and listening to dave ralphs tranceport, i started to notice how fucking beautiful everything was.
the trees were dancing to my music, the sky was an awsome hot pink, euphoric dream, with the clouds flowing like waves on the sea, and i got the most wonderful feeling of bliss inside of me, i was ready to explode into the air and fly through the sky. everything was glowing and warping into perfect, syncronized grooves. i had never felt so good. i could barely drive but i managed somehow. i picked her up and let her drive us to the beach. i was so happy she was there. my confidence level reached a perfect 100% and nothing could stop me. i could say and do anything i wanted to do. i was never so funny, had the wittiest sense of humor, no shame, i felt no tension, no negativity, no evil. i was in the utopian world.
we got to the beach and sat on our bench. the waves on the beach were sparkling in the moonlight, and the trails they produced made me see the past and the present motions the waves made at the same time which i found confusing, which made me wonder, that maybe trails are made by the sharp attached focus we have on everything around us when we trip and we can simultaniously see more than one moment at a time in space, beacause our focus is so involved that...ummm....cant really describe it. then my gf said she had a surprise for me and made me close my eyes. i opened them and i see this beautiful pink light flow out of her hand. it was a little mouth glowie stick! i was freaking out with it cause it was so much fun. i would put it right in front of my eye, and everything that i saw turned into another dimension. thats when i saw intense halluciantions. my gf turned into a crazy 10 foot tall purple alien with long arms and legs, the sky was warped and bended and the stars were whirling like hyper fireflies, the whole sea stopped moving, and no sound was made, just this muted high pitched tone that sounded like my mind thinking. i was in a parallel universe, the sea was no longer the sea but a vast empty, endless, very scary whole in space that paralyzed me since im so scared of heights, the world had a completely different vibe. it felt like all of time ever existed condensing into one thought, into one moment, into a sigular packed emotion. it almost made me cry. i was part of everything, i belonged perfectly, equal in value and knowledge was everything. then this awsome thought came to mind. maybe the universe is over when when everything learns everything it can know, when one has gathered the knowledge from the other and vice versa, so everthing slowly starts to be equal in knoweldge, to be like eachother until finally one is identical to everything, the universe has learned everything it can know from itselt and every dot in the universe is the same, it is one within, it has finally come back to how it started, perfectly balanced. i saw this so well.
then i was back to realtiy and i think i saw and thought all of this in like a second cause i asked my gf how long i was out and she was like what are you talking about, youre right here you havent done anything honey. anyway after that i went through various stages of dejavu and unstable flows of time, thats when i was perfect, i was living in the precise moment of prescense. i was nowhere else, i was here facing the infinite truth that makes reality, i would never be able to describe it, i valued myself beyond possible and nothing could of been more appealing than that now. it was weird cause time kept on slowing down, like the more my involvement in existence, the more time was transcended and defined meaningless. i was still seeing crazy shit like my gf's face turning into the moon, and leaves of trees singing weird songs, and little fairies flying around hysterically laughing, but i only saw this when i put the glowie up to my eye. you guys should try that glowie thing cause its the key to the other dimension! it really works, sanity back guarantee. its kind of sad to say that the best day of my life was when i was high on drugs but i am consatantly learning how to achieve that clean, sober, perfect state of mind. i learned alot from that experience and i hope everybody realizes that confidence is what we need to do anything we want, to feel anything we want, to be anything we want, you just have to know that you can, and that you are,and when you know, wouldn't you be already?

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