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Fast Bad Trip

Okay this is my second experience on magic mushrooms.

Okay this is my second experience on magic mushrooms. The first time i tried them i consumed them in a tea at my dealers house with a couple of buddies. I swallowed the tea and the 2 grams of mushrooms and ended up disappointed because i felt nothing all night. So about a year later, which was just a little while ago now, me and a friend got out of history class to go talk to his buddy, who has been dealing mushrooms. We both had 20 bucks so we both bought a half quarter (4 grams). I also picked up a gram of weed since that has been my drug of choice. So i went to work that night, and when i got home, i was tired looking forward to a little session before bed to make me sleepy. I fired up my pipe and smoked the gram and layed down on my bed. I felt very tired and had an overwhelming hunger come over me. Then i remembered i had these mushrooms sitting in my drawer. So i pulled them out and broke them into little pieces, nibbling on each piece actually enjoying the taste. I kept on doing this until i looked down on my table and all was gone but a tiny piece of stem. so i gobbled it up, being pretty hungry, and said to myself "too bad i wasted them before i went to bed, but maybe itll make for some interesting dreams." So i layed down on my bed watching a concert on tv. i buried my head in my pillow and was half listening to the tv. All of a sudden it sounded like the concert was replaying the same lyrics over and over again so i turned around and the drummer of the group's head was bobbing up and down, and all i heard was a ringing in my ears and the wall of my bedroom turned bright green. I freaked out and ran down to my moms room and woke her up. I explained that i had taken mushrooms and i didnt like what i was feeling so she told me to shut up and go back to bed. So i layed huddled next to her in her bed and looked at her back which was facing me. her back seemed to turn into a huge brick wall which i thought was falling over on me. I yelled and ran down stairs and thought id make some tea to help me come down. So i ended up turning all the burners on on the stove and i ran in circles in my kitchen until i fell down. My mom got angry and came down and started yelling at me. All of a sudden everything sounded and looked like it was on fast forward. everything was moving fast and i couldnt control it. I went up to my room and turned off all the lights and listened to music. as i listened to music i tried to ignore the ringing in my ears and i noticed all the objects in my room were slowly shifting towards me. I freaked out and i ened up throwing up for what seemed like 2 hours but was only a half hour. I went down to my bathroom and drank lots of water because my mouth was dry. I went back up to my room and now the walls started melting and my blinds were blinking in unison with my heartbeat. I remember laying down and i ended up in another world.

All i know is i was at the top of a valley and a man told me the meaning of life and why we're here. Then i regained conciousness which was three hours later, i sat up, turned on my tv, threw up, and started laughing uncontrolably. I put my head between my knees and started rocking back and forth until my mom woke me up for school. I still have recurring flashbacks when i wake in the morning, when i turn on my tv everyone is moving really fast. It was a horrifying experience and i suggest only people with healthy happy minds dabble with psychadelics.

Rob C

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