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The Force

So me and all of my friends decided to have a "shroom party.

So me and all of my friends decided to have a "shroom party." It sounded like a good idea at the time, but it was inevitable that someone was going to freak out. So there were 9 of us all together. We each took rather small doses(< 2 grams). Some of us took some vitamin C thinking it was gonna give us cool visuals, not sure if it worked but oh well. After we all ate them, we were waiting for the big hit. We decided to smoke some weed to ease into it. We slowly slip into the trip. We all spilt up at first. Some watching TV, some went down to the beach, some were laying outside in the lawn. I was getting pretty crazy, and having some cool visuals. This was about to come to an end.
Me and 2 other guys were just chilling out in the den, talking philosophy and shit. All of a sudden we hear, we'll call him Jake(ode to Tan), say something in the other room. We went to see what he was sayin. He was lying face down on the couch talking to his mom. "Mom?! Are you there?" This was funny at first, but as he continued it got more and more upseting. He was totally broken from reality. He didn't know that he was himself. As the day progressed the rest of us began to come down, but he didn't act like he was also coming down. So we finally got kicked out of the house. Of course I get stuck with "babysitting" Jake. I was basically sober except I was extremely paranoid with everything. I decide we should walk down to the beach and chill out. As we are walking toward the beach, Jake starts mumbling some random shit. This starts freakin me out. He goes onto say something like "I don't need this, I don't need anything." He proceeds to strip in the middle of the street. I go nuts. I start running away from him because not only was I paranoid, we were like two blocks from the police station. I run like three or four blocks at a full sprint. I make it down to the beach and see a few of my fellow trippers smokin some weed. I take a puff and tell them the story. I get everyone together and we go chill at a friends for the night.
The next day we heard the rest of the story. Jake proceeded to strip down to nothing and run screaming throught the streets. This of course attracted some attention and the police were subsequently called. Since it was a fairly small community, with nothing really to do, like 6 cops showed up to apprehend him. They surrounded him and tried to grab him. But since Jake was completely out of his mind, he wasn't gonna have any of it. He took a swing at a cop. This of course allowed the police to do anything to take him down. Pepper Spray did the trick. He was then brought to the station then to the hospital. He was arrested and brought up on charges of assualt and intoxication of illicit drugs.
This whole story scared me into thinking maybe i shouldn't trip again. But my tripping experience was the greatest ever. I guess the possiblity of freaking out is well worth greatest thing of a lifetime.

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