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My two best freinds

First of all, I prepared for the trip in to the unknown by setting up my room.

First of all, I prepared for the trip in to the unknown by setting up my room.etc. It was the weekend of my 15'th birthday. We searched for some shrooms for 3 days before coming across the best shrooms I have ever done. Red and I bought 17-18 grams. We arived at my house around 11:00pm. My parents were asleep. They expected a big party but we did not expect to be loud at all, so I was not worried about them. They left us alone for the night. Jon and I injested 3 grams each. Red and Greg took 4 grams. Sam and Aaron had two. We wen't to my room, turned the lights of, and waited for the effects to take place. All of a sudden I felt a HUGE rush through-out my entire body.... And so the trip began. We turned on the lights and started to enjoy. Red, Greg, and sam wen't for a drive, while Jon, Aaron and I stayed in my room. 5 minutes later we dicided to walk Aaron half way home. We started to walk down a steep trail by my house we call the Cold-stream trail. Once at the bottom, We emerged in to the street lights and on to the road. Some how Aaron ended up in the car. By now we were tripping balls. At the bottom the the cold-hill, there is a big sign, which advertizes cold-stream campground. Only Jon and I were left. The rest in the car. We notices the sign had been knocked-over. We thought that Red drove the car in to it. We freaked."OH SHIT"." The cops are gonna come and bust us"!! Jon and I ran to the top of the hill, and calmed each other down. We sat at the very top enjoying the veiw of the lake and tree's. At this point we were aroung level 2. I watched, amazed at the colorfull kolideskopes(sp) pulsating everywhere. And the trip had only begun!! We listened to the schreeching of Reds tires. They were tearing around in the car, Slaming on the brakes.etc. Jon and I commented on how fortunate we were not to be in the car. We started walking back to my house, where we met up with Red, Sam, and Greg. Aaron had gone home. At this point Red, Jon and I decided to go for a walk. This was after we smoked a joint in my room. Greg and Sam decided to stay at my house. So we set off. "Lets go to the tenis courts" I said. When we got there it was dark, but the full moon was giving us some light. We entered a square area of grass in which the tennis courts were located. After entering that area, I got totally lost. We walked in circles trying to find the acual court. I was catipulted in to level 3. It looked like there were big, chain-link fences in front of me, and branches. As I was struggling to keep the branches and fences out of my face, which constantly apeared in front of me throughout the whole trip. I'd be constantly walking in to fences and branches, but they were never acually there. What a struggle! Constantly puting my arms out to prevent them from getting in my face. After 10 minutes of walking around the grassy area, totaly lost in an area that was only a quarter of a mile wide, We found the court. We yelled for joy, and entered. After walking aimlessly around the courts for a good 20 minutes, we dicided to go to the beach. We arived at the beach about 10 minutes later. We started walking along the shore. At this point I was starting my peak. Level 4!! As we walked we were each in the same state of mind, and at that point, the three of us bonded very closely. We expereinced this bonding for the rest of the trip. Only us, at that point completely understood it. We were in our own little world. It was extatic. We became much closer to each other that night. As we walked, talking to each other, laughing, smiling. We had such an understanding for each other. It was amazing. Then we found a sail boat on shore and played on it for 5-10 mins, Then we continued our journey. 5 minutes later we had to convince Red that he could NOT walk on the lake. After we convinced him that you can't walk on water, we continued on our way. At this point I was in heaven. The scenery around me looked like a water-color painting. I can not describe it. It was beautifull. The sky was bright red. The lake did not look like a lake at all. I don't really know what it looked like. But it was not a lake. We came accross one of those docks that people park there boats at. We started to walk along it. Towardes the other side of the lake. It is not a very long dock, but it seemed like we walked forever to get to the end. We started on our way back to shore. At this point I kept thinking my friends were behind me, but they where in front. I heard and saw figures that I though were my freinds to the left, But they would be 5 feet to the right.etc.etc. I was tripping mad. We started on a trail back to my house. At this point Red started puking. I had to keep my distance, because if I got to close to the puking sound, I would start dry-heaving myself. Jon and I kept our distance. I was not worried because Red can always handle himself. Jon and I sat on the trail and waited for Red. I was enjoying, very greatly, the painted wonderland around me. I can't begin to decribe how beautifull it was. After Red was done puking his guts out, we headed home, to find Sam and Greg making out in reds car. I thought"What a wast of some beautifull, magical mushroom. We asked them to come for a walk. They started bringing us in to a bad trip. Red, Jon and I tried to explain the state of mind we were in. They could not understand. Now I know that Gregs bitch had ruined Gregs night for him. What a stupid blonde. If only Greg had come with us. He would have understood. Now in a sort of deppressed state, we knew that if they wen't away, the trip would be good again. Anybody that has done shrooms will understand why the bad trip came on. Jon, Red and I wen't to my room and left the two party-poopers in the car. The trip was better again. Red said he wanted to go to bed and listen to the rain on the roof of the moterhome(in which Red was staying at the time). So Jon and I stayed in my room, and tripped out for a while, Then wen't in to the hot-tub. At that point we were starting to come down. We talked in there for 3 hours before we wen't to bed. What a great trip. One of the most beautifull experiences of my life. Thank you a for letting me share this enlightening experience with you, and hope you may experience a trip like this, or already have.

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