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daytime trip

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To start this off I have to explain everything that happened. Saturday night was 3 good friends of mine birthdays, and we had a huuuge party for them. It lasted till
2 a.m. when the cops showed up and we all moved on to someone else's house.Well, at the first party i drank a daquiri and had a little buzz that wore off quickly and I was bored being the only sober person. A good friend of mine bought me a tab and i was rolling at 4a.m. Naturally when I roll I tend to stay awake, and so did the majority of people I was around. We ventured to another house by 5 and decided it was great weather to go shroomin. They end up
getting two paper bags full and boiled them around 8. I have never tried anything that makes you trip before so I was a little indecisive on the shrooms, but I gave in and drank a big cup and 3more gulps of the tea. It was gross.
After 20 to 30 minutes i could feel the effects of something. I didnt know if i felt hungover or still rollin.
and then i looked out as me and two friends were driving down the road and the cars were tracing in front of me.
The trees all of a sudden looked like someone took a picture
and sharpened the image a few notches and the light hit the clouds in a crazy way. I knew then it was the shrooms. We get to my friends house (theyre trippin too) and we spend a long time looking around at things and comparing our trips.
We end up going to another friends house who got some shrooms and were tripping too, we had a daytime trip... I have heard many different stories and insites on this drug, but i must say I did enjoy it. I vaccumed out my car for an hour, everything amazed me. It was like waking up in an Alice in Wonderland movie. My trip lasted for a feww good hours and I could tell when it was wearing off when I found myself staring at a ceiling and saw it breathe and then it was gone.My advice to anyone who does shrooms or would like to try it, do it in the daytime... its great
p.s. ( it feels cool when you yawn) ( i yawned at least 800 times today )

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