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Memory of my birth

I had just eaten 5 grams of dried cubensis mushrooms and sat back on my couch to enjoy the evening.

I had just eaten 5 grams of dried cubensis mushrooms and sat back on my couch to enjoy the evening. They kicked in within an hour.I've been doing mushrooms for thirty years and have been experimenting with age regression during my sessions.
My last session had brought me back to crib memories. This was varified by my mother when I identified the wallpaper in that old bedroom of mine. We moved out of that house when I was three months old she had told me and how could I possibly remember that far back. ( NOTE: I understand now why this and other phychodelics were used so successfuly in the 1950s by psychotherapist)
I wanted to see if I could go all the way back to my birth this time and after 90 minutes after ingestion I smoked a joint to help focus myself and closed my eyes.
DESCRIPTION: A cluster of strings all parallel to one another and extending in boath directions to infinity, vibrates separatley each to its own frequentcy. One linear string resonates the other in a harmonic exchange creating a powerful and all encompassing cosmic song.
Singing the song of the cosmose I ride an energy crest along my own harmonic string. The song sings of intangable geometric shapes, densities and mathmatical equivalencies; each string sharing all its information with one another in a song that has no begining.
I am one such energy string, disembodied, without substance, vibrating in perfect harmony with no perseption of time and space;no sensation of awerness, just a total understanding of ALL..from the cosmic song that encompasses me.
Then....at a particular point along one of the countless parallel strings the cosmic song is disrupted by a slight variation in frequency. This point has gravitated to a lower pitch. Adjasent parallel strings in close proximity are also pulled down in pitch as to fill the void of disruption until the whole cosmic song begins to distort and slows down. As if audible, the song grows ever louder as the pitch falls lower in proportion.
SENSATION: Sudden feeling of "being"...disassosiation...discomfort.
SENSATION: A smell..a taste...That taste!!! Salty fluid permeating the nasil cavities and chest area...an ever increasing feeling of discomfort and a mucus like smell.
SENSATION: The feeling of being disconected from the cosmic song...extreme discomfort...audible sounds and tones...fluids discharging from nose and lungs...feeling of terror as the cosmic song crescendos in an abrupt deafening silence.
It's quiet.....very quiet for what seems to be a very long time; no harmonics. The memory of the cosmic song slowly fades...then a noise...a loud noise from another place. It awakens me from some kind of a dream. The noise makes me feel uncomfortable....and that SMELL!!....it still lingers;residualdried embrionic fluids still incrusted in parts of the posterior portions of the nasil cavities...and that TASTE...
SENSATION: Visual stimuli now coordinating with other sensory imput as I am becoming self aware inside a crib...I know that I am.
It's morning and one eye is crusted over from last nights sleep. There is an urge to remove the anoiance but an inability to figure out how.
Another loud sound from another place makes me feel uneasy. I don't understand these sounds.It carries no information,just random noise; no harmonics like...like...
Memories of the cosmic song fades as I recieve more and more input from a new enviroment.
Again the room I'm in grows dark as night approches. The light of day is just a fleeting moment drowned in a whirlwind of sensory stimuli and it's the darkness that seems to go on forever.
As I fall asleep, my 3ed day on this planet,my head lays to the right and my eyes focus on a small cluster of stars outside a window. I'm comforted somehow, for these points of light are singing to me; singing to me an anciant, long forgotten song without words, a song I once understood but now fades in the obscurity of the sights and sounds of my new exsistance.
David (Cardinal Green)

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